Tuesday, March 15, 2011

from lemons to luck ...continued.....Part III

continued from the past two Magpies

Magpie #55

Magpie #56

Chrissy knew she now had to do something. But what was it....?

Devon was gone and Chrissy just started sobbing, she had never heard or  seen him act this way before and now she was more than leery of her suspicions, she was now frightened.  She walked towards the kitchen window, there a small pot of shamrocks that sat in its sill.  Devon had brought the early token of St. Patrick's Day as the reminder of their fourth anniversary.  They were married on St. Patrick's Day to honor the Irish heritage that they both shared.  She stared at the fragile leaves of the shamrock's and thought of now fragile their relationship and marriage had become since the night Devon had that meeting with his partner Jason, the same night that the murder of that young woman took place. 

Then she was quickly brought back into the current moment.  Devon had returned, jumped out of the car and hurried into the house.  Chrissy had no idea what would happen next and she wonder if she had waited to long to seek help.   Devon came straight up to her and put his arms on her shoulders, he started anxiously talking almost to the point of crying.

"Chrissy", he said, "I have been keeping something from you, something I can not live with any longer.  I thought I could cover it up to protect Jason and you Chrissy to protect you, and all I know is I can not protect anyone and I just can not handle the burden of this any longer."

He moved her towards the couch and they sat down together.  Devon took her hand and look right at her.

"Look at me Chrissy, look what I am becoming how I am acting.  I threw that knife, my God I can not believe I let myself get to this point, I could have hurt you.  You have to listen to me Chrissy, please this will not be easy but I do not know what to do."

"What is it Devon, what happened?"  she really was not sure she wanted to know but felt she had to listen to what Devon had to say.

"That murder, the girl in the apartments not far from here, the night I met Jason and Charlie at the office and we worked until midnight, remember?" 

Of course she remembered but did not what to appear that she was suspicious of him and the blood, so she answered as cautiously as possible.  "The night you cut your hand and it was all over the screen of the computer, that night?"

"Yes, that night.  But I did not cut my hand, I lied, I was covering up for Jason".

"Jason?" Chrissy was surprised.  "Jason, what were you covering up for Jason?"

"Jason killed that girl, I know he did.  Charlie, Jason and I were working that afternoon when that girl came in asking about work, whether we could use an administrative assistant.  Jason said he was considering that and this might be a good time to interview.  He asked her to meet him at Liddy's restaurant for a drink and he would interview her.  She agreed saying she would be there around 7:00 pm.    I thought well he never said anything to me regarding an admin assistant but didn't question it.  He got ready to leave the office around 6:45 and said he would be back, would I be there.  I said yes I would.  Then he asked if he could use my laptop because he wanted to take some notes and his was at home.  I said sure, that I would use my desk top no problem."

Chrissy was listening intently to every word Devon said and found her heart beating faster and faster with the possibilities of what happened. Devon continued.

"So I just worked and waited at the office with Charlie trying to get the Rosland Project ready for review by the bank for funding.  Then about 9:30 Charlie decided he was going home and would see me tomorrow I said fine, that I would wait for Jason and let him know what we had accomplished.  It was close to 11:00 when he returned he had his hand wrapped in a towel.  I asked him what happened, he said that he cut it at the restaurant playing with the knife when he was cutting his steak.  I really did not think anything about it so I asked him about the interview and what he thought of the girl.  He said oh forget it she doesn't have the computer skills and we really did not have the money to pay a secretary right now.  So I told him oh well, I am going to head home and asked him for the laptop. But as I took the computer from him he was adamant that I did not tell anyone, not even you that he had cut his hand or interviewed this girl.  I said no problem Jason, no problem."

Chrissy said, "Well now do you know he killed her?"

"Because,"  Devon said, " after that morning when I said I cut my hand and the blood on the computer was mine.  At that point I did not even know there was blood on the computer so I started blaming everything you said back on my mother. Remember?"

"Of course I do," answered Chrissy

"Well you later that day mentioned the murder that was on the news so I started questioning Jason strange comments and found out that the girl murdered was the girl Jason met at Liddy's. I did not say anything to him or anyone.   Now I do not know what to do except go to the police, but I do not know if they will also start questioning and suspecting me, and I washed off the blood from the computer.  I do not know whose blood that was, Jason or the girls?"

'Chrissy will you go with me to the station, will you help me I love you so much, please tell me what I should do?'

Chrissy said, "I will go with you Devon, I love you too.  Thank you for telling me, I thought I was going to lose my mind also since that day." 

They embraced then Chrissy added, "Devon I have a sample of the blood."

He said, "You do?"

"Yes, I do."

"Good." he said, "Let's go."

The End.....

Magpie Tales #57


  1. This has been a fun read - nicely done...

  2. as much as i love your poetry i have really enjoyed the change of venue in your short stories...your poet still shines through...

  3. Thank you I wanted this to end going a totally different direction...from the first two...hope I accomplished that...bkm

  4. Well that took a different than expected turn. Well done!

  5. Well, I guess I am too cynical these days. Watched too many gory stories of betrayal on TV. What a nice ending. Still, I wonder what the statistics are .... Thanks for tying up the loose ends.

  6. Gosh, I read it all wrong--I saw a sequel in which Devon has to kill Chrissy, because the blood on the computer IS Devon's, mixed with the blood of "that girl"...

    Somehow Chrissy scratched Devon during the struggle, and his tissue and blood was under her nails...etc., etc.

    Guess my thinker is working overtime tonight.

    What a GoooD story , and you told it well! Thanks!

  7. What a story! You had me captured through the whole story, Gosh you are going to continue, right? :)

  8. Great ending. I enjoyed this, B. Well done.

  9. I think this episode would be improved by linking to the previous ones, rather than by using the extensive flashbacks in the past perfect tense of your first few paragraphs. BUt it's nevertheless a good story.

  10. Wow,I like how your story evolved over time. Enjoyable characters.

  11. wow!

    This ended at a different and a pleasant note :)
    Very refreshing and yes.. amazingly well done!

    Loved the story- the complete one.. I had been checking since over 24 hrs to see you link in- haha

    Hugs xxxx

  12. Ho! Lots of tension, kept me rivetted right to the end:) Good work.

  13. You are quite the story teller Bkm!....You are talented in so many ways...hope all is going well for you. :-)

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    Anyhoot-hoot, said the owl, later, gator (who leapt from the river and ate the owl).

  15. cover up for a murder?

    friendship, love, and guilt are mixed here...

    mind blowing plots, fabulous magpie.

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    Poor girl though!!

    Very well written, Barbara.. so engaging!

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