Monday, March 7, 2011

from lemon to garlic (continued..part II)

continued from Magpie #55

he just stared at her....

"Chrissy!  Didn't I tell you I do not need you to mother me?  I will take care of it myself, where is the neosporin?"

"In our bathroom drawer, and there are bandages there too," Chrissy added.

Devon headed towards their room.

How she did not know what to do, but she quickly thought and decided to scrape off a sample of the blood on the screen with a knife into a sandwich bag.  She did it and then stuck the bag into the corner of the most unused kitchen drawer just before Devon returned.

"Now," he said, "let me clean up that mess I made on the computer."

Chrissy had no choice but to leave everything as it stood.  She fully understood that Devon was adamant about her not treating him like his mother did.  He had not spoken to her in over a year he just could not take the way she interfered with everything in his life since he was little.  She coddled over him and treated him like a little child even in high school, and as of late he began despising her and anyone that treated him in the same manner.  She decided to let the murder mystery go, besides he had never laid a hand on her or any other woman and so why should she be so suspicious.

That is at least what she thought for awhile.  For she found herself caught up in following the case of the murdered girl in the apartments not far away, watching for news updates as well as newspaper and internet articles.  It appears that the young woman was seen going into her apartment with a man about 10 pm that evening but no one had any details on his age only that he was Caucasian with a middle set build. That could be anyone Chrissy thought, or it could be Devon.  The investigators had no fingers prints to go by for it seems that this guy knew exactly what he was doing.  Chrissy even found herself driving by the apartment building as if that was going to tell her anything. 

What was the worst of it all she had started looking at Devon as an all together different person, lying in bed at night remembering an interview of a woman with Oprah where her husband had been killing woman and burying them on there property for years without her knowing until someone came across a skull.  For years she thought and his wife did not even have a clue.  Here she had evidence, either the blood was Devon's or it was someone else's, maybe even the murdered girl's. 

Then one evening she was in the kitchen fixing a nice Italian meat sauce to go over Vermicelli.  Devon came in and offered to assist.  He set the table and was going to help make of fresh garlic bread, laying the garlic cloves on the cutting board to chop up and mix with some fresh butter before spreading on the bread.  His cell phone rang. He answered it.  It was his mother and she started in questioning him.  He whole demeanor changed, he started yelling over the phone.

"I told you not to call me, I told you I did not want to talk to you and I meant it."


"No, my life is none of your business and that is that, "  he hung up.

But that was not the end of it.  He did not want to talk to Chrissy either, he took the large cutting knife and started chopping and pounding the cutting board with the garlic on it, garlic started flying everywhere.  Then he threw the knife across the kitchen and ran out the front door, got in his car and speed out of the driveway.

Chrissy knew she now had to do something.  But what was it....?

Posted for Magpie Tales #56

Tess posted more I had to continue the story....


  1. A sequel! How neat is that. So cool how you married the two themes seamlessly. Well done you!

  2. Come on, Chrissy. Get with the program! Denial is a terrible thing. Anyone else can see the problem from a mile away. I'm afraid her next meal may be her last. Unfortunately, warning Chrissy is like trying to heal the family addict before the next holiday reunion.

  3. Wow, gripping. Now I need to know what happens next:)

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    Fingernails are hurting from this cliff-hanging.


  6. I say she needs to pack a bag and split before the SWAT team gets there. Fun and funny, bkm. Enjoyed it much.

  7. Awesome. What a cliffhanger.

  8. Look forward to more...

    I really like how we get so many ideas out of one photo. Everyone interpreting it differently.

    viscous time

  9. Now Barb,

    This is turning into a one spine- chilling thriller! I am amazed at how well you are weaving a fiction around with different images.

    You definitely did use garlic in bold. Eagerly waiting for the next part. You got me with this one girl :)

    Hugs xx

  10. Wow! That's totally unsettling. All because of garlic? ☼

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  12. What a great thriller!! I am so curious as to how you follow it up now.
    Looking forward to next weeks magpie to see what happens next, great read.

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  15. love that you are making this a series...what will the next prompt inspire?

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    I like suspense... and was drawn into this one like crazy!! Now I'm ALREADY waiting for the next part, Barbara... Please tell me you'll continue on this one.. PLEEEEASE!!

  21. Clever continuation~ Hoping for another food prompt next time for a little more Chrissy and Devon!

  22. This is a great read - I had so hoped there would be a continuation after last week and here it is! How well you have worked the story line.