Friday, March 18, 2011

Follow me

The old knight was in he last moments
alone, his body fading into the earth around him
calling out for guidance he heard a mans voice

“Follow me”

Where are you going? the old knight asked

"To Heaven"

I know of no heaven, replied the knight

Then another echoed

"To Nirvana"

I know not of Nirvana

And again

"To Hades"

No,I know no Hades

The old knight in despair on his knees continued to pray
When came the voice of a woman

"Follow me"

Where are you going, he asked again

"To Shangri-La"

I know not of a Shangri-La

And another

"To Venus"

And yet another

"To Troy"

I have no knowledge of these places, cried out the old knight
fearing now his soul lost for eternity
a young man in shining armor appeared to him

"Follow me" said the young knight

Where are you going?  asked the old man melting
away into the depths of an earthly death

"To Avalon"  replied the young knight

Yes, I have long been waiting for you, lead me
home, I am ready, said the old knight
and leaving his bones and his rusted armor
stepped through the mists and into Avalon

copyrighted 2011

Posted for Friday Poetically: One Stop Poetry


  1. smiles. magical piece bk...forsaking all else he waits and finds his perfect home...

  2. excellent...a true feeling of need and acceptance in his voice

    Peace, hp

  3. I wish you had share buttons on your blog Barbara, I'm going to share this on twitter, deserves to be read by at least everyone on my timeline!

  4. Beautifully done. I guess we do have to "know" something of it, before we want it?

  5. my favorite take on this photo prompt. a wonderful ending! ♥ dani

  6. Ah, my witchy heart rejoices. And a fitting destination for a lost and dying knight. (I personally might head for Valhalla--but that's just me.) I love the way you've woven so many spiritual destinations and their connotations into this, barbara. A great piece for the prompt, and on its own.