Thursday, May 8, 2014


this is not for me - this god
not its heaven or
its majesty - it is not for me

this art thou
altered throw backs of surplus

look! you carry a cracked window on your shoulder
a thread tight
around your neck - pull it

i say, the chimes call
beneath the song of gulls
the birthing of girls

some vines cling, i shall
not cling
who calls my soul - who?

i wrap, case
i transfigure random thought

hold up
the pomegranate
hold -  sip from the vessel grail

do it
Do it!  you say

No - cut me!  this flesh is not for me...
Just cut me! see, See
i too bleed

i bleed - i bleed - i
am girl, I Am a woman

I Bleed


For Magpie Tales and d'Verse

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


the camellias
have lost their head
announcing summer
not quit here

a rarer lace, a fairer
blossom holds the dew
not shade of
but ending hue; and who
would guess
the clever cry
the trill, the sweetness
of its song

the toad, the hare
the zephyr air
to set recall; to quest upon
but earlier dreams
recollection, touch of

the lace, the trace heart
that comes
with spring, and turns
with summer a
distant blue

copyrighted 2014

Saturday, May 3, 2014


a house
a cotton surrender
visible, deliberate

white sand
makes for comment,
times the

a carrier holds
your thought, follows
line of a letter
written - you poise
prudent, calm...sober
in the face of
the air of Cabernet
to touch,
to taste love
soft, wet


Copyrighted 3014 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

words to a lover...

chaos brings me peace
and falling into the tempest needed life
blood that lies stagnant or whole
does not run, it is chaos
that feeds, binds cause to move
decisions made leads us
not to  a clarity but to a common
relished only by decayed
saints and lost virgin souls

it is not the passion, the storm of it
a loves true

so do feed this
my need for eternal reform, and
pour my wine again most willingly and disavowed

as beg I, do not
love me for loves sake, but for its madness and its melody
for its tender
and its recanted touch, that say I fully 
love me separate and apart as
only chaos could seem fit

til' this
my heart
is torn wide and rendered bare

copyrighted 2014