Wednesday, December 7, 2016

do you love the mist?

we dream on day light
white camellia comes to bloom
and through the mist
a robin's site is made
by note of breast

the berry red the robin knows
and layered warmth
beneath the sod feeds both berry
and the vine
all while it reaches up and grows

dew on wing sat to vine
with red its vital voice - calls to camellia
singing in its white

do you love the Winter, do you love
its very mist?
the Camellia kisses the sweetest dew
and answers robin  "Yes"



Tuesday, November 29, 2016

a season delivered

i have a doctorate in the ordinary
forecast change with
prayer flags
and a dab of color, sepia, charcoal in hope of red
there is a fog in the air
i may string lights, it saves on matches
and fossil fuel

satellites have a direct
line to our smartphones - few have a direct
line to our heart

astronomers search nightly for other worlds, alien
life forms
we come together - we divide -we divide
again - we come together
the earth and our lungs take
a deep breath

it's time to hang lights - time to
cultivate peppermint houses - topped
with gumdrops (green, red) houses
of imagery rooms, imagery life

there is a stillness
prayer flags hang - stopped praying
change is imminent, while
hearts involuntarily beat - satellites comfort,
comfort an uncomfortable world
reassuring there will be
a season delivered


Saturday, November 26, 2016

witness removed

succumbing to solitude
is what is needed
a bare floor - a set of salted beads

a closed vision exposes, filtered white
against inner

one bead at a time
one layer at a time, ripped, torn
giving way as heavy
lifts light

the worn wood marks place
for two unfamiliar bones

i could kiss the offering
laid before me

all witness removed


Poetry Panty - PoetsUnited. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


unseen character
pinned against a wall - a photo-op
missed by those

a girl in blue laughs
through a window, tethered balloons
go unburst

there is room for reflection
when left unnoticed

clocks suspended - all
hands tied
reversal would mark a nature

to those who laugh
and balloons unobserved


Poets United - Invisible