Wednesday, March 22, 2017

self reflection

pen me your soul/ mirror
me your love/ touch my reflection/ to
read me your want

self that I know you/ that
you I can speak/ mirror me your
heart/  these secrets
                                   you keep

/mirror me your heart/ these
                           secrets you keep

copyrighted (2017)

Poets United Mirrors


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

is there a greater god?

there is a common thread
among people
a haystack in want of a needle

flags burn, requiring
rework and repair
requiring - new symbolism/cross

the sky night
is in disarray, star against
star/against star, black against

                         it is clear sailing from here

thread counts are indiscernible
in darkness
too pigment and proclamation

we ask "is there a greater god?"
one that holds the eye open wide enough
for camel to pass

or is it all your eye for my eye
your speck for my sand, totally
unaware of the thread, totally unaware of needle or
roundness of the moon

(copyrighted) 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

bedrooms (iii)

i have piled some sheets less one/ someone
has died here/ someone has left us/ the
mirror refuses reflection/ windowed chimes
softly dance near tear near tears/ someone has left us
to gather their earth/ left us
to purge their promise/ i found a ring yellowed/ a watch faintly pulsed/ photographs
once framed / there still waits,
remains a closet filled with walking/ a
lamp unlit/ someone has died here/ their watch
will be laid to rest/ it will stay close
to the ring

copyrighted (2017)

Friday, March 17, 2017

bedrooms (ii)

no bed is large
enough for happy ever after
no chest of drawers
filled                solely with truth
no matter the
number of sainted figurines
or deities

where we dream is where we are real
we can not hide
self survival nor condemnation

a closet door not
completely closed, a window left ajar
photos thought lost
reappear as memory

there is chatter
and gutted goose down
there is a pulling
of promises, and deconstructed defeats

          we read Ship of Fools
we quote Shelley, bookmark War and Peace

knowing that for happy ever after
     there is no bed

(2017) copyrighted