Thursday, September 29, 2016

dormant in winter

pull out all
and live random with me
we can fall short
of failure
experience and deliverance

I hear there is a deaf muse
living dormant in winter, and we are
not far - only two steps linger - with
the wine being red
and our shadow invisible


Posting from my hospital bed. Had my appendix out last night - who would have thought 😊

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Aleppo's children

I have never
known him to throw away
timeframes and brutal thought

something's are criminal

but the air holds its own breeze
and the chiming of clock
is about to stand
in place
we are all soldiers of our
own cause no matter how sacred
we profess

we place a chain around
each ankle
and call it virtue
while the crumbs on the floor
seemingly crawl away

and the orchestra
plays Beethoven's 9th
over the cries of
Aleppo's children


Monday, September 26, 2016


there is St. Germaine housing
as well as a classified
full of unwanteds

we have been living off
bubble wrap and shared differences
you talk about
the timelessness of giving -
I observe taking
the few pieces left of my soul
concluding this
puzzle has no hope
of framing

there is rumor
the street cleaner
has been charged with theft
with the value of disposables
skyrocketing, climaxing
as a repeated crime

who knew you
would require added
adjustments, who knew
your puzzle pieces
were cut defective- the
street cleaner has been released

St. Germaine posting
bail -  the classifieds are stacking up
and you and I are out of
bubble wrap


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

dirty laundry

scrubbing walls
and mending dirty laundry
is where she excelled

with laughter held
in a blue tinted
mason jar- silhouettes
lining dark spaces

she craved the calm
boarded up within rare moments

moments like
when the sun stood
at its hottest (a summer ending)
laughter exposed
as the breath of September took
to cool

it was there in
the taste of autumn
she could stitch dreams away
from the dirty garments that
defined her and walls


shared at Poets United Midweek