Friday, August 19, 2016


let's pull off thread
and hold peace
with a god

focus appears
meaningless in the moment

as Hawk takes rest
coats his eye; once,thrice
he understands
the world turns to his left

he moves right, moves
hunger not present
he notes the wind, the
shift of branch

"rise above" - is all he knows

the weather clears, and
i resume to nest


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Monday, August 8, 2016

colorless rain

if god made
to paint the true heart
i whisper away and listen not well

and if god made the day
to further his cause
to thrust upon man his limitless wise

then in wisdom i fail, fall
short and repeated
in word and in prayer my stand
in mankind

for i am not free as in
or freedom
but write with such fault
purporting in vain
lost to the world
its maker, its beauty
laughing in awe
of the colorless rain

no i am not free nor my voice
nor my wonder
much less the thoughts breath
i find i am beating
(repeating) i find

no more free i than
the swallow is free of its


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the thought of you

i would like to say
the steps on the ground
lead me straight to you

i would like to say
a morning air crisp, cleared
all thought expect
of you

i would like to say
i call this love
but i have to say
it is not

not fully

i would like to say
i loved the hour
the moment the red rose arrived
the flower
(preferring yellow)

i can not truly say
that you or a red rose
ever took my breath away
and yet i am
certain your love for me is true

and for this
i can say
i love the very thought
of you


Saturday, August 6, 2016

here is a day

here is a day
when the sky breathes larger
the lark seems higher

in blue
in a blue that breaks; laughs
at the sun
orb of worship
master of not - the one
who feels
the sear upon seasoned face

here is a day
where feather and cloud circle in dance: free
not grey
in vessel of  heart and
vast its sea

as i trace, and i trace and i
the vision - its light
trace lark and orb and feathered dance
until sky; the day
leaves certain my sight

copyrighted 2016