Wednesday, January 15, 2014

words to a lover...

chaos brings me peace
and falling into the tempest needed life
blood that lies stagnant or whole
does not run, it is chaos
that feeds, binds cause to move
decisions made leads us
not to  a clarity but to a common
relished only by decayed
saints and lost virgin souls

it is not the passion, the storm of it
a loves true

so do feed this
my need for eternal reform, and
pour my wine again most willingly and disavowed

as beg I, do not
love me for loves sake, but for its madness and its melody
for its tender
and its recanted touch, that say I fully 
love me separate and apart as
only chaos could seem fit

til' this
my heart
is torn wide and rendered bare

copyrighted 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


most regularly comes without
derived from a paint between
the lines birthday kit
held for rain swept days
conceived in lack of
light without approved celebration

our brush, our body
draws, outlines and balances,
tools assemble their art-form
in a silence;
reverberating mouths
become collectively ignored, leaving our single mind

to covet its own self-reflection
to harbor 
the a full moons word against
a background fallen (blue-black) who am

who is this? who - what birthright
do I have? to pull and release such an unknown
oh most holy mother hear me out
on this
hear me out, lead me, show me,  guide me
least I fail, least I fail, least I fail....

from the archives of life
we see our blueprint reborn,  it is from life's warm wet colors
we see, we hear cry primal purpose,  a recreation of
summer to spring, of bone
to beauty and we can not phantom its reason or its sacrament
but here we paint and we brush
till we stand vulnerably exposed to this our self over and over again
in each breath, in every breath we
call daughter

copyrighted 2014

for my daughter who has taught me more than I could ever dream of teaching her....

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

reverse osmosis

i love a world
filled with Jesus
and joints, drinking smoking
joints (diversions)
devoid of
camera ready caricatures
selfie's, soul seekers digitally

there is always
room for
an emptiness - it is the
of life that scares us
shit-less, Really

think about it...dislike

requires nothing (besides nothing)
requires a new paint set
a new rule book, requires an awakening to another's
a profiling

not a mirrored
or messaged us - but a body still warm
that inhales our space
exhales our
contribution - no camera
no service provider, no re-tweeted :)'s
relationship based not
on self obsession
but drenched in feeling
and denial - shared thoughts
at random
or in syncopated reverence

Seriously, i
drink to that - with Jesus
or with someone like


Saturday, January 4, 2014

a chair

i see a
window from where i stand
an empty chair, its
silent stare
a wall that peels in words
of white
lost to desired days

i feel the framework
of a life
designed and milled
its tapestry, and
cross a
page of pardoned
that lingers fair
a night

and who?  would
share this
place with me, a chair
a room
of memory
and who?  would
hasten to
deny a lot
made in terms of yesterday

i see the window open wide
its winter's haze
turned within
and waltz in eggshell
pasted hues
in promise
of a giving spring

copyrighted 2014