Saturday, May 27, 2017

dance of the wildflower

the dance of the wildflower
before she dies
before she passes under a sunbaked sky

she moves
and laughs in warm sweet rain
and pulls herself up
in breath of wind
(kind or unkind) she rises

she petals and preens
and wipes her face
she kneels and curtsies to grace
her place - being hill dressed full in
summer green
or along the street of city walk

the wildflower loves
for only loves sake and dances
through life
before she dies

copyrighted (2017)

photo by Kurt K. Gledhill

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

dresses (i)

It is not always like this
Cumulus clouds
Against faded grey thread

Some days are printed
Cornflower dresses, wrapped and waisted
Drifting among
Bluebell apron skies gathering the sun

Some days are pressed
Cotton darted, and puckered -
Pearl daisy dresses
Forget me not dresses - laced

Sleeveless, cut low with longing
Courting the sweet grasses stretched
Knee high in want of a kiss
As stocking free skin dances and
Flirts with the day

copyrighted (2017

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

the extension of Lent

this is my diary
and my delivery; this is my
fallowed crack amidst
between confessions/septic surrenders
             a self-channeled voodoo

in the symmetry of my abstinence
life straddles room
a crucifixion
                  a cross
      a sainted confessor

i can read you my sins
                       my sorrows - voice
                    my psalms

i can recite you my
place        penitence on plate
                                   of promise   -

question? question?
                               ( questioning???)......does

the extension of --- Lent
              make the resurrection sweeter? make
my transfiguration - purer?
oh, confessor!!!
(cries) (crying....)
or should i turn this key?   seal this page?
                   tasting of the wine 

copyrighted (2017)


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

self reflection

pen me your soul/ mirror
me your love/ touch my reflection/ to
read me your want

self that I know you/ that
you I can speak/ mirror me your
heart/  these secrets
                                   you keep

/mirror me your heart/ these
                           secrets you keep

copyrighted (2017)

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