Thursday, September 25, 2014

trying to decide..

I am trying to
Decide why my neighbor
Brings me eggplant
And the rain
Runs straight down the sidewalk crack

I am trying to decide
Why Jesus forgot
Me, and others
Who do not eat eggplant or some cauliflower things

I am trying to decide
Why humans fall and fall again
Why the rain falls
But the wind does
Not fall, but I fall

Why we all move somewhere, somehow
Until we move no more
Up, down or to this side of
Something or that side of something - i.e. a place, a cause, a belief
Like in a Jesus
Who has forgotten you
Or in an ideal that
Lies to you and to your neighbor
and to your dog with  promise
Of solids in virtue and meal

I am trying to decide
If this cracked sidewalk falling is all real
Or that Buddhist illusionist thing

And if so
Why does my
Neighbor keep bringing me eggplants
That my dog won't
And my soul can not hold as
As a truth.

I am trying to decide

copyrighted 2014

Painting by MaggieSiner

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


i came upon snow
but would not venture
preferring rain
drops melted cold

to step - to trace
a print of self
is not a path i choose
to tread
i prefer unknowing
to guarded truths
the fall of Noah
his dance with death

to race - to gather
simplest thought, a leaf
drowning in the wind, and
should i lose my step, the way
home to heaven
or candle lit

i shall have peace
within each breath
as life unwritten

copyrighted 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014


this is not for me - this god
not its heaven or
its majesty - it is not for me

this art thou
altered throw backs of surplus

look! you carry a cracked window on your shoulder
a thread tight
around your neck - pull it

i say, the chimes call
beneath the song of gulls
the birthing of girls

some vines cling, i shall
not cling
who calls my soul - who?

i wrap, case
i transfigure random thought

hold up
the pomegranate
hold -  sip from the vessel grail

do it
Do it!  you say

No - cut me!  this flesh is not for me...
Just cut me! see, See
i too bleed

i bleed - i bleed - i
am girl, I Am a woman

I Bleed


For Magpie Tales and d'Verse

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


the camellias
have lost their head
announcing summer
not quit here

a rarer lace, a fairer
blossom holds the dew
not shade of
but ending hue; and who
would guess
the clever cry
the trill, the sweetness
of its song

the toad, the hare
the zephyr air
to set recall; to quest upon
but earlier dreams
recollection, touch of

the lace, the trace heart
that comes
with spring, and turns
with summer a
distant blue

copyrighted 2014