Wednesday, December 12, 2018

a different approach(able)

lets take a different
approach to rain -  from storm to gentle shower
lets turn rain inside out/ view it with pleasure
and the ruffling of a skirt that is still
young and pressed

some laughter could turn it into wine
          a falling window turn it into

reflection can simplify itself with
rumors, rumors of
a lover still caught in black and white photograph
1941  (pre-war)

pre-understanding that happy ever after movies
have many takes - many rewrites
and many critics -
i am not so sure about the rain or the wine (cut)

but i like that ruffling of the skirt
and the reflection of the photograph standing on the chest of drawers

ap-proach-able   (adjective)   
friendly and easy to talk to     (pre-war)



there isn't a color code for forgiveness
like red for NEVER
or yellow for alright, alright ready
rainbows come before the need of forgiveness
but forgiveness is weak at best
"i forgive" - but, but, but, but --- the left hemisphere holds tight to pain
and pain has to run through
the veins before any flushing is done - can you gather coals
for a fire - the furnace is warm, but
the remainder of ore still holds
tight to its making

there isn't a color for forgiveness
coal is black
and rainbows are for movies that pull in emotion
with a bag of popcorn
"would you like some", i ask
"what do you think",  answered

the ore in a pocket pulls the heart
closed - We have not made
it back to OZ

bkmackenzie 2018

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Upside down

My life has turned


I do not know whether to
   Stand up straight

Or f a l l
         Down fetal

     I am bent in

bkmackenzie 2018

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

i love the color red

i love the color red
so i carved out a window small
with a shard and stone, placing
outside the window
a rose red guarded by her thorns

i placed a field of sweet purple clover distant
but not so very far away, and a
road marked by worn gravel and a
line of wooded pine

i walked the field of clover
and the road along the pine
gathering up a memory and wrote
it in a book - so

that i could visit that very window
where the rose had grown
red forever blooming
guarded by her thorns

untouched or knowable
in the window of my wall

copyrighted 2017

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