Wednesday, September 21, 2016

dirty laundry

scrubbing walls
and mending dirty laundry
is where she excelled

with laughter held
in a blue tinted
mason jar- silhouettes
lining dark spaces

she craved the calm
boarded up within rare moments

moments like
when the sun stood
at its hottest (a summer ending)
laughter exposed
as the breath of September took
to cool

it was there in
the taste of autumn
she could stitch dreams away
from the dirty garments that
defined her and walls


Friday, September 16, 2016

between synapses

my excerised caution
has been limited
requiring adjustment
and turtorial tuning

someone offered stepping stones
i preferred throwing
we all break a window now and then
breath is life

the latest always
comes to soon - like an
expansion bridge between synapses
and current pencil shavings

we write
for a reason - the same reason
we sip gutter wine
and recover on black coffee

dark spaces
harbor a light we can not see
through paned and semi-
stained glass


Posted at the Poetry Pantry.  Poets United. 


I am in an assembly line
of afterthought
between a screen door
and hairpin curve

iced coffee is out
weather dictates this force

- I see

wild geese - hear
the character of winds taking shape
Can there be afterlife?

Can chaos remember such

flannel wears thin after so short
the seasons - I count
the calendars collected with you

"We are all fair game"... in the

choices now claimed
will determine my place
in line - I know my


so does the sinner...



Saturday, September 10, 2016

concert and casserole

the concert
left me baffled
and misunderstood
sitting in silent terms
of confinement and quandary

thought who
eats casserole for dinner
and melts fingerprints
to cigarette
i checked my lip for words
kissed closed

thought more room
for shapes and meatloaf plates
thought what about
a piece of Swiss
with the absence of rice paper


time to say goodbye
Bocelli and Brighton both warn
of change
and changelings present

its time.... i'll leave one
more fingerprint
then pull out all stops and give the
left over fondue a good go