Monday, June 13, 2011

do not come too soon September

do not come too soon September
with long shadows covering the day, do not
send word of a November, far keep
it for another's season

my bones care not to fall, the subtle
differences in temperament, a degree
of want for June to stay in full
its moon, do not cause
this heart remember - soon,

so very soon

April had me lost in thoughts of love, of loving, of haste
looking on to the fullness of a May, unaware
a seasons passing, uncertain of who
would pull at my youth filled door, with no sentiments
of time as passage to a wind, and a

knowing that a wind I hold as autumn
wants my supple hand, no, no
give to me June, at latest an
August stilled

September can wait awhile longer, November's
chill - come not, come not too soon
at all

copyrighted 2011

posted for Free Verse lesson - One Stop Poetry and One Shot Wednesday...


  1. Beautifully crafted longing for the shadows to hide a bit longer.

  2. I enjoyed your poem. Live now before "November's Chill". Outstanding !

  3. I'm with you. Summer passes all too quickly.

  4. i dunno...its so fricken hot...autumns cool fingers might feel night on my back...smiles.

  5. GOOD ONE-STOP. "Tempus Fugits" In Naples, the 'best' months are end September, Oct, Nov, Dec

    I'm gonna read this again, brings memories of the 'fall smell' which I DID love so much.

  6. As always a lovely write. Such a compelling, sweet argument to retain a sweet slice of warmth. A great free verse ~ Rose

  7. A beautiful song that caused me so sing.

    in long shadows
    i wait awhile longer
    the inevitable
    knocking your door

  8. You had me at November. (Even NHL hockey can't sway me on that one)

  9. Come not too soon, the long shadows of September....this just has to be one of my favorites! It is a wonderful piece!!!

  10. This piece was inspired by my Border Collie..whose days are coming to a close...I love her much and will miss her...she remains me of how quickly our lives pass us...enjoy each day...thank you all..bkm

  11. Oh Barbara, the poem is beautiful, but what really gets me is your message about your beautiful furry friend. I know how heartbreaking it is to know your time with her is growing short. Yes, fall do not come soon, let June last and last.

  12. Sadly, time will not be halted...

  13. I could only love this more if I weren't such an autumn girl.

    Beautifully done!

  14. This has the musicality of a gentle song... really memorable piece.

  15. We long for summer to beat the winter doldrums, but when summer arrives, it's so hot & sticky that we wish it was cooler again (well I do anyway).

    Still a beautiful poem.

    Here's mine:

  16. lovely my dear...deliciously so.

  17. A beautiful poem. June and full blooms are life's fullest pleasure, anesthetizing the pain that awaits in the fall of our years. Some small wisdom is our comfort then.

  18. Oh.. this was such an earnest request, Barbara...straight from the heart... and simply beautiful!!
    I hear ya, lady...

    One needs to absorb all the warmth one possibly can, before getting exposed to the November chills again... brrr

    Sending you the warmest June hugs, my dear friend..

  19. I think of Wordsworth, or Keats, not Shelly so much, but that romantic Romanticism. Lovely, B.K.