Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the shell i live within

i test the shell i live within
the parting of flesh
from soul,

i test those who gather sea
this heart with time
i've held,
all color shining ever deep, the depths
of a humanity
and Who of it? would ask
i begin again
when all in its furrows sleep, from
ocean full of galaxy to a wave further
even angels can record
a kaleidoscope of time and breath
for those in seek of
simplest word, a touch
hidden by the shell i test
spiraled past a given line, but never
missed or truly felt as if it sand  - slipping
from my mind....

copyrighted 2011

Posted for Magpie Tales


  1. the lines that caught me were for those in seek of simplest word, touch....as that encompasses many of us and seats us right with in your words.

  2. "a kaleidoscope of time and breath" such a perfect line....lovely

  3. "...all color shining ever deep" beautiful words! Is it possible you get better daily?

  4. The last two lines really reinforce the whole write, nice job.

  5. Complex and thoughful, but a very good read.

  6. The sibilance in this calls the ocean to my ear. Very nice. I like the "i test" theme.


  7. Barb, love where this image took you. Nicely done. I see you have Pablo Neruda on your sidebar. After moving to Mexico and speaking Spanish on regular basis, I have a complete and unending love of his work.


  8. Thank you all and thank you Pam a have his book next to my bed...one that is always enlightening to read ...everyone thank you for your comments...bkm

  9. What a special work. I whisper-read it to myself three times to get the rhythm just right in my ear. Quietly beautiful poem.

  10. beautiful capture of the shell and its inner world.