Friday, March 18, 2011

Mystical Union

Where lies my Beloved?
Will I find him in the forest, is he at the meadows hand?
Can I touch him on the mountain?
Will he know me when I call?

Where stands my Beloved?
Shall I seek him in the sea, if I sail all the way there,
will he know it is me?
Will he hold me as his own, caress me in the night?
Where is my Beloved? I have been seeking so very long....

Is that you my Beloved? Is it you, in the moment,
you in my very breath, is it there you stand, there
in my walk, in my hearts own beating? -

Now,  I understand - you are there
in the eyes of  a stranger and in the eyes that I bear
looking back at me through the mysteries of
life's mystical mirror.....

copyrighted 2011

There is of course something mystical about the concept of living, of life.  We all feel this connection whether we choose to acknowledge it or not and with the word mystical summons magic and magic summons fantasy and maybe faith.   A world for wizards and witches, saint or schizophrenic not the common man or woman, not you or me. We work, plan, produce daily through orderly system and science of our earthly existence.  Yet it holds us captive this mystery in verse, prayer or vision of a springtime flower...and we take the word mystical to heart though it may not pass through our lips...the poet seeks to pen it, the artist paint it, sculpture it, the physicist prove it in theory and the musician bring to our ears and to our heart. 

And at the end of day we may find it hard to sleep because we place it in the window of our waking, but there it is running through our dreams and begs our notice of this - mystery.

"And he to whom worshipping is a window, to open but also to shut, has not yet visited the house of his soul whose windows are from dawn to dawn."  Kahlil Gibran

Who possess this mystical soul? Where is this window that Gibran speaks of and why would we open it only to shut it at close of day?  That window resides within us, in our heart and in our pen, in our instrument of work or wisdom and with it we breathe in its grace and breathe out its beauty.  We are all mystics and when we look into the eyes of  sorrow or joy it is there and we partake in the mystical union of life and with that we hold a responsibility to love all that is given, life's adversities and life's glory.

And as we question -Who is my  mother, my father?  Is it that we are all born from the womb of some eternal virgin, fathered by a merciful maker, a giver, a conceiver of life, melding light to matter breathing existence into being? And is it  in joy and in pain we seek our maker, crying out are you there in the desert, there on the mountain, there beneath the sea of my sorrow? Where are you.? Who are you?  We cry for this our Beloved as we walk in the faith of our fathers, or in in the faith of  another,  a saint, or the scientist, maybe through the alchemist's hand, or through the blessings of a servant of grace, but seek it we do.

Who will find it for us...this mystical union ...only us..separate, alone and eternally one with all - and that is the mystery..
our separateness -
our wholeness...
the eternal mystery of blood, of salt, of a cosmic seafarer...

And if you would know God be not therefore a solver of riddles.
Rather look about you and you shall see Him playing with your children.

And look into space; you shall see Him walking in the cloud, outstretching His arms in the lightning and descending in rain.

You shall see Him smiling in flowers, then rising and waving His hands in trees.  Kahil Gibran

And in our seeking we will find ....our way home....bkm

Writings from the Prophet: Speak to Me of Religion.....Kahil Gibran 1923


  1. this post is divine. I had to stop half way as the words blurred through my tears. I did finish reading, however, and will be back to read it again and again.

    God, is reaching me through the talents He has given to you that you are leaving all over the web for me tonight :) Separate but very true...

    " and ye shall find..." Matthew 7:7

  2. I love the image of a "cosmic seafarer"......just beautiful, bkm......and very mystical:) Loved every line.

  3. So beautiful. The mystical scares some, awes others, but powerful to all.

  4. beautiful post bk...stirs quite the emo and i too love the cosmic seafarer...we sail on...sometimes knowing where we are heading and others....but if we ever give up seeking life it seems slips away...

  5. A beautiful poem and explanation. Heartfelt. In the poem, I like especially the words " the mysteries of
    life's mystical mirror."

  6. bkm, the post is simply sublime. The final stanza of the poem--finding the beloved in a stranger and oneself--is a perfect ending.

    You commentary reads with as much love and passion as that with which is was surely written. I love your thoughts here. They uplift me today. Thank you!

  7. Thought provoking indeed....and written make us think not just with mind, but with heart...i love this Bkm! :-)

  8. This is beautiful, bkm. Life (the essence) continues...regardless of form.

  9. This early Sunday morning, I read your post twice through. Your writing is indeed among the BEST! I was inspired to wake from restlessness--and now I know why....

    I carry "The Prophet" with me everywhere. When I have a spare empty moment I randomly read whichever page I turn--and am immediately and thoroughly blessed.

    Would that I had a booklet of your blog posts, that would do the same for me. Thank you, once and again!


  10. Steve -

    What a beautiful first day of Spring it has been and your words here are part of that being the case. I have always said if I had to only one book to carry through life it would be Gibran's "The Prophet"...what an amazing gift this one man left the world in these 26 pieces of prose....could I write one piece as he it would bring me such joy.

    I cherish your words and compliments and will seek to write more in this venue as it truly is one of my favorites....

    Steve, May you have a blessed Sunday and Spring...Again, Thank You from my heart....bkm