Saturday, February 19, 2011

Podcast Interview and Poetry Reading....bkm

The podcast interview and poetry reading is now posted at Papp Media or you can click on the microphone in the sidebar..either will link you there...

Please check out Papp Media and Becky Papp's service, she is freelance writer and journalist now expanding into interview and media with her husband Mike.  She recently has been asked do be interviewed by Smart Money focusing on how she manages her free lance writing with raising a daughter with autism.  Becky and her husband have to beautiful children Elizabeth and Daniel.  I what to personally thank them both for their time and services. Becky is my niece and goddaughter so it is extra special to have her and her husband to collaborate with on this project and learn in process.  They say life is a constant learning experience and this was a wonderful one for me.

On this podcast I read....the following poems...

Love Between Seasons
I will not Celebrate You in Death
The Black Madonna (feminine denied)  and
Highland Visitation

I also talk about The Red Shoe...which is an exciting project of fellow poet and blogger and outstanding and accomplished artist Annell Livingston.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement...without it I would never have attempted this....again thank you....I hope you enjoy it...bkm

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  1. You are a very busy person, and very 'into' the poetry business.I once asked how I would ever make a living as a poet. The answer was to get a job at Home Depot. End of my career as a writer.

    Instead of writing, I got to play in a major symphony and had my DAILY 'get-away' from the world--through music. So, as the some is written: To Each His Own......PEACE!

  2. Thank you Steve...Music is a beautiful gift...I loved singing in a symphony choir...but never for pay...not making a living on poetry..but it pays back my heart a hundredfold for the beauty of all life's experiences...thank you..bkm

  3. stuff bk...rolling over to the interview...

  4. thanks Sherry and Brian...not too bad for a first time doing something like this..I was a little nervous...bkm

  5. Barbara,
    I enjoyed the podcast immensely! Your voice is poised and confident; exactly what I expected it to be like. My favorite reading was the Black Madonna. Although, I previously read it on your blog, it did not move me as intensely as it did today, listening to you recite it (and by “move” I mean goose bumps and tears.)

    When the podcast first started, I was disappointed that on your blog you hadn’t linked to the poems you recited because I thought it would be nice to read along.

    However, as I listened to you read (and
    especially when you read Black Madonna), I was thankful that you didn’t provide the links because it would have only distracted me from the power and impact of your spoken word.

    As an aside, the song The Blessing by Celtic Woman played on my computer immediately following the podcast and I thought, “What a nice song Becky chose to close out this podcast.” But, next I realized that it was actually the next song in my playlist, which is alphabetized (Barbara comes right before Blessing in my song list – which I don’t consider as a coincidence ;)

  6. Sheila, thank you for you wonderful write up on the podcast...I thought about linking the pieces but did not...your thoughts mean much I am glad you loved the reading of the Black Madonna...that one is one that I cherish and glad it came across as so...this was a wonderful excerise for me and am so thankful to took the time to listen and express your are a gem...blessings...bkm

  7. Barbara, I listened to the podcast as well and especially liked the Black Modonna piece. Also want to thank you for mentioning the Red Shoes project. I am taking part in it as well.


  8. Barbara, that was wonderful listening to your lyrical voice so wonderfully clear and paced. It brought the words to life as only the poet's voice can; another voice would give different interpretations and stresses that would not be the intended.

    Thanks also for mentioning Catapult to Mars before reading your poem Highland Visitation. For those looking at this comment the link for your poem is

    Do you think Becky could send me a clip from the podcast with just your reading of Highland Visitation and I could add it to the post on my site?

  9. Thanks Elizabeth for listening...Yes I am excited about Annells's project and look forward to seeing all of Annell's paintings and the writings, yours as well as the others....bkm

  10. Thank you so Gordon..I appreciate so your commenting as this podcast it is a first time reading into a microphone so I was a bit unsure ...I will see if Becky can send me that clip...again thank you for listening, hopefully I will be able to add more readings to my blog in the near future....with Highland Blessings...bkm