Thursday, December 30, 2010

Black Madonna (Femnine denied)

the feminine bleeds
not always red, not always white
seldom enough
for words - she inters herself, crouched
chambered, begs for
cleansing, hand held cupped

round- her curves
familiar to self, unknowable;
unselfish giving - she bleeds, not enough
mutilated even by her own kindness, cradled
without righteousness, coddled by an unnamed
nebula .....she curses her own image and likeness
slivers it, cuts it raw, for dead left - visible
a world denies
knowledge with sacred
alibi - scribed hieroglyphs, scrolled - she bleeds
white, and a

desert conceals her face
calculates her dance - her movements
mythical, she cries inside

tears of salt river-ed, rested
underground, a birthing place securing
her masculine seed coming to
light -  a Madonna paints her
face black,  "Oh Czestochowa, pray for us
Oh Mother - we beseech thee"....

She bleeds - red,  the

world turns with season - she re-seeds our flesh
feeds us with her bosom, prior
to the sacrifice - "Witch, it is, Witch....burn it," conceal
in alabaster stones
lone, unmarked - her womb

tomb it only in site
of an unflinching god - hold him, birth him
in sorrow grieve and give him,  his blood shed
"take it ,drink it" - red,  she bleeds - seldom enough
as the masculine prepares for HIS resurrection
feminine for trial

He is reborn - she never dies
she is Wisdom (Sophia) eternal
He - Godhead
she - Feminine

copyrighted 2010

Posting for One Shot Wednesday, Where Poets, Writers and Aritists Meet....(for Jan 11th)


  1. So beautiful and eloquent. As a mother, I relate so much to this.

  2. thank you Neva and Mama Zen...really appreciate the feedback...Happy New Year to you...bkm

  3. many good lines....this is really beautiful bkm...

  4. A scene truly made for your words...beautiful and thoughtful...really like this

  5. This is far and away one of the best feminist writes I've read in a long time - filled with fresh ideas but tapping in to the age-old grief of womanhood. Superb work.

  6. Amazing piece. My husband gave me a wonderfully crusty, vintage framed Black Madonna for Chrismtas. Interesting synchronicity.

  7. I think it would be interesting to hear this one in your own voice.

  8. thank you all for such great comments...i never know how a piece is going to be started off a little different in my head and ran itself here....i began thinking of the Cathedral Salt Mine in Poland - which took me to the Black Madonna....Everyone have a blessed New Year...bkm

  9. Wow, this is amazing, bkm.......the power of the feminine. Wonderful! And I like the new look of your site..........looking forward to more wonderful reads here in the new year:)

  10. Incredible! Unique. "she curses her own image and likeness slivers it, cuts it raw, for dead left - visible a world denies" Loved that.

  11. Really powerful - and from the heart.

  12. Woman...mother...giver....lover. All totally unselfish. Resonated with thus one lovely, great strength in your chosen words x

  13. This left me speechless (in a good way), having a Maltese mother the image of the Madonna is particular strong, and I love that you've written something with such impact and powerful imagery that is still so beautiful.

  14. This is amazing Bkm....a powerful poem indeed....a reflection of the strength of the female...the nurturer of earth, soul, child, and all. :-)

  15. just as good the second time around...smiles. nice one shot...

  16. I'm with brian, except I think I liked it better this second read. I'm starting to get into your style--it's very good at making you look, making you feel. A very interesting historical exploration, also.

  17. This is a very powerful piece written beautifully. It certainly calls to the feminine soul.

  18. I was most taken aback when the "tears of salt river-ed..." begins. And the later wordplay on "red" is very well done. So much is presented in your poem that accumulates into an overall expression of an essence. Great work, bkm!

  19. each poem is different and yet always unique...this was a wonderful write...again!!! great share..pete

  20. this speaks to me in many ways - women being amazingly strong an horribly weak - honored and denied - burnt as witches and worshipped as godesses - srong write!

  21. Wow! creative thinking to come out with this...T'was a pleasure to read.


  22. thoughtful, eloquent-- I love the juxtaposition of images and colors!

  23. It's writing like this that really reminds me just how brilliant people can be. Unreal.

    Love this line (and all the others!):

    "mutilated even by her own kindness"


  24. One of the most eloquent interpretations of the madonna I have ever read--truly a forceful voice for the divine feminine. You are so talented.

  25. So many great lines to this poem....such amazing feeling. I got lost in your words

  26. Whoa!! A superlative delivery of such a tender yet powerful subject..
    The pains (and joys) of a mother are so well captured in this poem..
    What a fine read!
    Thanks for sharing this piece, bkm..

  27. Mythic, potent, lyrical-- truly beautiful. An ambitous poem! xxxj

  28. Dear BKM

    Very thoughtful and creatively written.. I loved the lines...
    'She bleeds - red, the
    world turns with season - she re-seeds our flesh'
    Its beautiful. thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  29. Beautiful and stunningly vivid. Thank you for sharing .

  30. Intuitive, distinctive vibe/flow to this.