Friday, January 27, 2017

mother once blue

i have fallen
on red dirt -

did i come from here?
is this my origin or is it my fantasy?

i see a face carved out of sand
it can not speak

are you my mother?
is this my mirage of mourning?

truth is silenced by an aftermath
and lies are silenced in the aftermath
and dirt is dust and sand is red

i cry here but ears do not exist
and there are not eyes to see me

loneliness does not exist
except in tears that remain
fading into the red

where (I) i does not exist

neither my mother once blue


I fully support the #MarchforScience for the sake of our planet, our mother and all her life forms...bkm



  1. Delightful drift of imagination. Thank you

  2. loneliness does not exist
    except in tears that remain
    fading into the red

    This is soo deep!!

  3. This is thrilling, i luv the levels of being and questioning

    Happy Sunday

    much love...

  4. Yes, I am glad the scientists are marching and hope they are hugely supported. Not much time left to turn this Mother-ship around. We cannot afford four years of inaction on climate change.

  5. The hurt of weeping without being heard might be one of the most terrible things.

  6. I can feel the dust covering us... we need to act.

  7. Truth is silenced......yes, unfortunately, that is what is happening :-(

  8. A deep poem with thought given to its content and for me a most enjoyable read.

  9. Beautiful write. I support you and our planet.

  10. I think our Mother will survive. But will we? And how many species shall we destroy along the way?

  11. So many big, big questions and yet perhaps she is within us all..and our words

  12. We are the hands of god and the face of earth--at least we are some of their hands and faces. You ask very good questions for both science and spirit.

  13. Beautiful put questions here. I've always loved your writing. Not sure if you remember me but you'd written a fairytale for me, "I knew you were coming."
    Nice to see you continue. Hope you've been well.
    Warmest Regards,

    1. I do not remember the fairytale though I used to write a few and love them...thank you stay in touch...bkm