Sunday, March 31, 2013

untitled - 1

without detail and ink
I come to you, without the
whereabouts of
my soul

I come in a pool
of sorrows shed, I come naked
without cause, do you

know me?
I am lost and you
send no peace, do you comfort
elsewhere, where I am

is it only in the
shedding of skin, the shedding
of my mirrored self would
you find me?  I have

no mother,
no father, no love

I have only this heart
torn with loving, I am
not god

only human in need
of one

copyrighted 2013


  1. in need of god or human, you are entitled - 1

  2. the shedding of the skin...i like that...and sometimes it is, the taking down of the self we have built up that allows us to really be seen...pretty cool piece bk

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