Sunday, March 24, 2013

should God remember me

should God remember me as a different person
i hope she is a good soul - i hope she sees
the morning as i do - a sweet wind in the tree,
a wren taken to bush,  lilac
and honey soon to come to hand - caught
between light laughter
the bees bumble and refrain

should God meet me at the noon sun
and call someone elses name - could i say
i know the day as well as the lamb in meadow lay
could i say i know my maker as well as robin knows
her speckled nest - or would i be a reflection
of shadows left unseen - oh, cause it does
my wonder, my thought to


if God should remember me at all - i pray she is a kind, kind soul

copyrighted 2013


  1. I noted that you referred to God as "she", a kind, kind soul ~ I hope God knows you well as the robin knows her speckled nest ~

    1. Referring to the soul that God remembers - be God male/female. I will leave that up to God...bkm

  2. Check out my California post, bkm.

  3. Kind and a she! a few years ago I wouldn't have dealt well with either-
    nice analogy with the bird - and it does read like a song. Thanks-

  4. Great writing. I hope that God is kind as well,especially considering my many sins. I pray for mercy and for grace.

    BTW, That St. Vincent-Millay poem is my mother's favorite.

  5. She could only bless your intent..what wonderful depth!

  6. Lovely poem, and I hope the same.