Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the reason of man

circling the pale
order of the collective
comes a currency
of mortar motioned in the direct
slight passing of a hand

ideals constituted, sweet butters
spread to bread, washed in
blood and the beers
of nations - held in false unity

with a prayer dropped
as light, a speech concealing
depth of the question -
pulled from a hat
hidden in layers of the lie

it is a world coated
in a blue, in a forgiveness
sold as Holy Consumption, the
communion of the need
awaken by the flesh  - not one

continent not one sea, nor one
clearing of a cloud
remains untouched by the sin
held within the palm

all raise a glass to our
country, a cup to our beloved king,
and a chalice to those
praying words
lost in maddening crowd

as the gates stand
wide and open, light shivering
and scant - retreating to
the porthole, calling us to

what angel
left to pull at the tearing window
the cries
of our children, who dream of a
morning void from this
we call

"the reason of man"

copyrighted 2013

picture Mirror, Mirror by pocogal


  1. So many dark discouragements... false unities, layers of lie, lost, maddening crowd, called to black, the void. You paint the negative of man with a wide and thorough brush, bkm. You make the reader consider his own part in the scene. You provoke thought.

    1. We all have a part Kim and too many follow like sheep and do not take responsibity for the part we play in the whole picture of this collective called humanity ...bkm

  2. This speaks volumes. The last stanza leaves me wondering the same thing, what about our children? An amazing piece.

    1. I feel for the young. I have a one year old grandson this generation will inherit the mess...b

  3. praying words
    lost in maddening crowd

    Great images and a powerful use of strong expressions. I really liked the way it the beautiful flow. Well Done

    1. Thank you much for reading and comments...bkm

  4. wicked good write it early but needed to sit with it for a bit before commenting...its like pealing the onion a bit...layers in layers....nothing remains untouched...true that...and we all do play our part...

    my fav part...

    washed in
    blood and the beers
    of nations - held in false unity

    with a prayer dropped
    as light, a speech concealing
    depth of the question -

    and the cries of the children in the end...plucks the heart strings...

    1. Thanks Brian. These is my reaction to listening to all the news stories whether on world leaders,wars or the dying of our environment ... It is all talk and handshakes wrapped in commercial and media...bkm

  5. Barbara,

    It is a sad reflection painted within your words, of the world that humanity has in its grasp today. A twisted, greedy and bitter tasting place. Nothing much to bestow upon the next generations who follow, nor example...

    Nice to find you here Barbara...

    1. Thank you Eileen fortunately there is a better side to the whole also - there is always hope...bkm

  6. Seems our "reasons" are mirrored. :)

    I do like so much: "sweet butters spread to bread".

    Yep, Hope!

  7. WOW! A spectacular write, Barbara and SO wonderful to see you in here! This is one of your best. Wonderful work!

  8. Very thought provoking piece.

  9. Thanks for this relevant piece. yes there is something we can do Barbara. As writers it's to bring the mindlessness of man to the surface or we too will become fodder for the minds who lead without thinking

  10. Is it not suggested somewhere that we become as little children--and everything will be OK? (Or something like that!)

    I have always--more or less?) believed in God (A God.) But in later life I've found more...RELY on God. Immediately, life became easier, I became calm. INSTANTLY!

    Thank you for this spiritual reverie, Barbara.