Wednesday, January 2, 2013

adequate ink

it was a
three pack a day year
it was the
ringing in and the
wringing out of days left over
butted against
borrowed mornings

it is the
marking of a new
calender - two packs
two packs - one day at a time year

it is the burning
of thoughts against a night
of writing - two packs
just does not produce adequate ink
and a year unproductive

just is not acceptable
ashes to ashes

copyrighted 2013

Posted for Magpietales


  1. the burning
    of thoughts against a this...i used to smoke a lot between age 14 (yes sadly..) and 18... then stopped and some nights woke bathed in sweat, dreaming of write bkm

  2. very tight very cool and very authentic

    Cold Turkey was rough, but it worked for me.

  3. "wringing out of days left over" says it all- excellent

  4. There was a time...and you remember. As always a wonderful write.

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  6. ah, the addiction...good descriptives...enjoyed this.

  7. but dust to dust it must be...

    a single word from "adequate ink"

    am missing your voice...

    1. my gnome friend - I have been hiding as of late but miss you too...i promise a return ..i promise..bkm

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