Friday, September 28, 2012


it is a wayward day, it is
a rather lazy one but i  can not fault it for such, i often
dream like this
i often lay half naked in the thinking
of autumn, in its peeling back
of  shade spreading the warm melt of sun
on my skin

the creek rambles on a bit slower now, i prefer
its late song over chirping  newborns
they are gone, the ones that flew, only the bones remain
of the weak - i too have made it through the season
that is all i care

the fields, they are all but turned over with the rest
reverted to rust and stubble; as i so recline to
being that observer who has
waited long for
the final call of September
it is a lazy day - i can not fault it

for such..

copyrighted 2012 


  1. i often lay naked in the thinking of august...ha, what a cool line bk...the late song of the creek...really cool....some days its not bad to be lazy at th gentleness of your verse today...

  2. which half is naked in the thinking?

  3. i liked this alot. so much so that i even commented.

  4. you truly have captured this season

    also, alas for no hockey