Wednesday, September 26, 2012

have you heard about Marilyn?

Vidal is dead, Buckley dead
        politics dead - its a one world
a one faith, unisexed agenda
Mailer is dead -

feed the profane, fornicate
the fortunate,bury
the burdens of the masses tired and....tired - a one
focus (blind) a one
god - given unto the gutted and glided

Hepburn dead,
             catechism defunct, dysfunctional
dialect will be delivered unto - you and

i can not find a single
opposite, an opposition, an opportunity, an
              opposing side of
the deck, there, there - where

is hope, where is change, there is fore-not
            not in equal measure cupped and tasted; a

one world, a one determination - piss
on it, pissed on - it (this)
       Hemingway has passed - all surviving
resigned to recovery, to step, to steps, by step, say good-bye to

the rage of night crawlers, bye to writers wasted
     with any lack of remorse - only  a collection of corrected caricatures remain
     a parody of polite
     of proper - boxed, bagged, recycled sentiments

we vote for it - we purchase it
we accept the metaphors merged, toasted
by congress and social media trending
     truth - as death has gone viral

have you heard about Marilyn?

we have no goddess..

copyrighted 2012


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you my flatter my ego...bkm

  2. wow. strong piece....only corrected caricatures...a parody of polite and proper....from there on this made me sit up...really a great piece bk

  3. But on the upside the best writing can always be found here ..

  4. This is a splendid riposte to the age of numb irony and all the fear of being embarrassed for being real that undergirds it. Vidal, Buckley, Mailer, Monroe, the Hepburns, Hemingway - if they knew shame they transformed it to our own. "Corrected caricatures remain" - death it seems is the only life we have left.

    1. thank you William...yes we are embarrassed and numb...i too have been numbed my the present state of culture...bkm