Saturday, June 16, 2012

the lover..

we gather storms
and green thumbs to memory
color and muted sounds
of cascade

we linger between youth
and an autumn afternoon; collect
shells and the curved remains
of silent seagulls

we all be(come)
we all gather, collect and longer linger
on loving

as any garden needs devout
so to a lover
in becoming- the lover perfumed
unforgotten come
winter -

not his timing
nor his storm

copyrighted 2012


  1. The GREATEST force in the Universe--IS the Universe...LOVE.

    Remembering song: "Love Makes the World Go 'Round"...

    We "...longer linger on loving.." (LOVE that!)
    and yet, as we age (me), love seems to find unsought change. More. Real. Stronger. Lasting without wonder. Simple. Pure.

    "Deeply Silent We"

    (Where is that line from? not in Google. I need to know!)

    Lovely blessings sent your way, Barbara.

  2. this is fabulous bk....

    we linger between youth
    and an autumn a great couplet that gave me pause....very cool...

    we all collect as we go through life, little things along the way...for better or worse....

    great close as well...smiles.

  3. Lovely shades of the lover ~