Monday, June 18, 2012

times roman

platitudes, monograms, blank sheets
word art in, out
so - pastoral scenes, burgundy and
abstract insanities

it is hotel sheets
i live in
courting combed cotton
as a chamber maid courts her notice

all by design
this affair with living
simple, straightforward - far too complex
to go unobserved

mine, a singular thought
there is response in it
a cut of clarity
times roman in nature

copyrighted 2012

posted for d'Verse Open Link Night


  1. nice...i like your filling...smiles...the middle two stanza for me are very strong...and i def like the close...ha....nice one bk

  2. My grandmother (Scotch-Irish) always made up the bed(s) before she left a hotel room.

    And (sigh!) I guess I'm by nature a 'times roman' kind of Peep--anyone who knows me would laugh at that statement.

    I sure enjoyed this read, Barbara. Now I can go to bed and ponder it. Dream it?--grin!

  3. In an off-font platitude I salute you. Your italicized cuts of clarity emasculate my abstract insanities but as always your word art is worth the burgundy.

  4. this is a very cool and clever metaphor bk...and reading steve's mom also always made the beds before she left...but of course they remake...cause you never do it right..

  5. What a waltz through the chintz, or the linen, or whatever font they weave sheets from...too many excellent lines and images to repeat--it's all good.

  6. much to ponder on here and much being observed - very clever and stimulating write - Lib

  7. I'm always happy to read your work, Barbara. This is evocative and kind of makes me want to write a short story using this as a prompt!

  8. The hotel rooms have gone to burgundy and insanities - banal prints, and sameness in each kind of complex way. I think you've cleverly inserted a fanciful and fantastic poem into and out of that traveler's world.

  9. I've always wanted to write a series of poems about letter types - arial, palatino, times roman. The names are ethereal, evoke an atmosphere of some other place. And here you bring that to life, monogrammed sheets, hotel rooms that transport you far away.

  10. Beautiful gentle pondering. Enjoyed reading this. :)

  11. from hotel sheets to times roman - perfect mix of images

    Thanks for your kind words on my pub offering.

  12. Oh, you make this connection so beautifully. I do appreciate your work.

  13. Ah - these lines are absolutely excellent...

    courting combed cotton/as a chamber maid courts her notice//all by design/this affair with living

  14. Such a creative idea - wonderfully carried out. k.

  15. "all by design this affair with living"....
    Those sheets have layers! :)

  16. What a pleasure to come and read back your unique metaphores, Barbara.

    I tend to be more like kind of arial? and others perhaps to keep that difference, but none would ever be like times roman...

    Love the picture, and the artful atmosphere getting out of it.