Tuesday, February 21, 2012

where do i go from here

and where do i go from here
winter has folded February well away
and where does faith stand with
spring not yet clear and not a single hand
to lead one that has so far now strayed

where is the thought that god
held an open door - and where the window
where the worthy line to welcome a new day
and where do i go from here with
winter folding its February now well away

March has a shadow that claims to be all its own
a display of sorrows that melt for the world to share
and where the faith that a childhood left at play
and where the god who moved this heart once with care
tell me where is it that i shall go from here
winter has folded itself so neatly and tucked itself - well away -

copyrighted 2012

posted for d'Verse open link night


  1. smiles...after the cold, that froze europe to the toes, i'm glad that winter starts to fold away..can't wait for spring's breath on my cheeks..your poem felt very much like a journey between two worlds..and not only between two seasons..

  2. I've written a kind of answer to you question today, thanks to a challenge over at IGWRT

  3. I've been feeling pretty much the same about February and March, even though the sun shines here.

  4. The drear dark days of winter seem endless but spring will come again.

  5. Oh, I'm so sad after reading this, identifying, of course. But I have to say that it's my experience that God is still here - very near rather than far. It's our own maturity that is ripening. Take heart. Spring is almost here - and it still blooms. :)

  6. feel like it has been a while since i have seen you bk....tis that time of year...day 64 of winter...may spring come...

  7. I'll be so glad to bid winter goodbye. Lovely poem...

  8. This is a most wonderful piece of introspective writing.. the change of seasons often results in questions being asked of one's life.

  9. so many deep questions today... we all should ask once-in-awhile

  10. Lovely, though I feel as though I'm still waiting for winter...you ask the question we all need to ask...the in-between, of everything...

  11. Gorgeous piece. Folding winter is such a strong picture in light of your processing faith and doubt and such. Excellent!