Wednesday, February 22, 2012

no ringtone

sometimes a wheel can lead
to time travel - sometimes a dot on a map
can be the end of a journey
a city boy never touches dirt nor faces night alone
the condensing are featured as yellow
listed and lost along an asphalt turf

no one has my number
and my cell phone bill remains unpaid
sometimes a dot on a map
can be called home - sometimes a man
prefers no ringtone
or woman requiring change..

copyrighted 2012

Posted for Magpie Tales


  1. I come away from this with the feeling of desolation. I liked this, but would be hard pressed to explain it, which in ways is good.

  2. Sweet solitude--I love the second stanza!

  3. You remind me why I SO enjoy the freedom of taking off on my scooter each summer and riding 2 or 3 thousand miles up the east coast, or maybe next August through the Smokies...alone!

    I get to touch dirt (sleep on it), face the night alone. BUT I keep my mobile phone (GPS) so never get lost on that asphalt (well, only twice?!!) Also I can call home (which is by then a dot on the map (Naples, FL)... Whether I understood or not, that is MY take on your sweet and lovely poem. FREEDOM (almost!)
    PEACE Barbara!

  4. smiles...women requiring change can certainly be a tricky lot...ha...and sometimes a road trip is in order and a dot on the map will do....

  5. this is how i felt last week, a poem i might write in the future. thanks for sharing.

  6. "Sometimes a man prefers no ringtone..."
    Yes, that's me. :-)

  7. I've read your poem several times .. each time I come away with a different interpretation. Tess is right .. this is beautiful writing.

  8. no one has my number
    and my cell phone bill remains unpaid

    That could be a blessing, if it stops 'cold calling' from eager salesmen... :)

  9. "Sometimes a dot on a map can be the end of a journey".....this poem is amazing Bkm!!!!