Tuesday, February 28, 2012


there is nothing subtle about weakness
it falls all around us and gathers in rain

a subject we place in a vessel, we
drink it alone - absent of pride or virtue

this weakness, we do not control its nature
we do not control neither its sorrow

collecting only its rain within
walls of our making,  to sip
of its wisdom within a door well closed

there comes a holiness in absence,
founded in the core of surrender

uncommon its mercy, yet common in lesson

our heart marked as a porthole of transference
un-denied or un-turned  - we stand in our


face up to the rain to touch
the gift is its kindness,
gifting its tears of pain sweet

and we taste of  its promise
made in the hands of our living

there is nothing subtle about weakness
as falls deep within us, we drink of its rain
and covet its living....

copyrighted 2012

Posted for d'Verse Open link night


  1. truly exquisite, every line drips with beauty.

  2. gorgeous write... I certainly know that feeling... some days weakness tries damn hard to take over...

  3. This has some very beautiful lines and a reflective lilt to it that a prayerful response. Wonderful write.

  4. Sometimes the true strength is in our ability to allow ourselves to be weak.
    Such a beautiful, flowing, feel. You words are as soft as rain and as gentle.

  5. Feels like forever since I've been by to visit, and the power of your words only lends to my guilt. These drip with wisdom...the pacing of the reading is flawless (in my bubble, anyway) simply outstanding, as they always are, without fail.

  6. wow...nice dance through this and nice wrap around as well bk...i think in accepting our weakness we can find much...

  7. This is beautiful as all have said; more importantly this is marrow-bone truth. One has to experience the erosion of strength and feel the lowering scale of it, when rain comes, to understand that weakness correlates to rain. What an intrinsic understanding of that is written here! Really excellent piece.

  8. weak people can take up so much of our lives, they are toxic and worse, don't understand why

  9. My acceptance of weakness, helplessness, hopelessness, (surrender) was the beginning of discovery of a Power outside myself, which I can call on and use any time.

    Acceptance, as necessary and wonderful as it is, does not mean I must like it--grin!

    Your piece here is deep, well-written, and identifiable by all but the MOST PROUD of creatures.

    Thank you, Barbara.

  10. and if anyone tries to harm our weakness... really touched me. Beautiful work with a gentle touch.

  11. Lovely write - we all have weaknesses whether we admit it or not and indeed weakness is part of our human psyche, makes as who we are, imperfect and therefore human.

    Anna :o]