Friday, January 27, 2012


i am writing a book, a book about my husband.  his life has undoubtedly
been more interesting than mine.  even now he is in
Bogota, Columbia and i am sitting on the couch.  he is heading for
Brazil next month and i will be here.  i suppose that
is how life goes and you take it for what it presents.  not that i do
not like the couch or where i live or that i am not happy.  i have always
been a happy person you could say, just not very interesting i suppose.  so i
will start this book about him (my husband) give it a shot in the dark
as all writers do (again supposing).  i could put together something i have done,
self -publish and throw it out there - to the wolfs -though i do not think
even the wolfs have time to read all the self-published Amazon print
on demands, but truly i see no profit in it.   it is (truly) a dog eat dog world 
and they say (they being the science typesthat this little four legged
 furry thing licking himself here on the couch has descended
 from the wolf (canine furry-one) which is still hard for me to believe.  but enough said 
and sought as it now only a matter of clarifying a timeline and the use
of the F...word in the text that needs to be determined in this book.  it is what it is
though - reality - and to  glamorize it i say would be like glamorizing 
sex with the word love and then placing it on the shelf with great romance novels
where as reality places things  like sex on a shelf in the adult book store. 
(what's right?)  it is all based on social order i suppose
and what is being tweeted around this globe and what is actually selling.

which is why i am here - my husband he is a salesman....

copyrighted 2012


  1. smiles...nice allusive much said and not said particularly in that second order indeed...smiles.

  2. Nice...good luck with the book !

  3. Any book that you write will be interesting indeed Bkm! Look forward to hearing about your progress with this venture. :-)