Wednesday, January 25, 2012


you can not move through the room without noticing her there, without
the smell of her perfume can you? i mean move through the room.   it is like
a pillow of down asking you to rest your head or sit on a chair, there is the
breeze filtering through the half cocked window and that 
plate of something being passed around
and the perfume, did you notice?  all that has transpired has been replaced 
with a thought of who she could be and the perfume she wears.  the stairwell
is filled with the coveting, wife's are not vigil and the waiter carries sushi on a
platter.  one most take notice of everything that has measure and there she sits 
with a room built for her, with hands extended and armchairs drawn and all asking 
about the perfume and -
where did he find her?

copyrighted 2012


  1. You've given a most perfect title for the pic and as always your words measure.

    Your title also brought to this old mind the old Steppenwolf tune "Sooki Sooki".

    Sooki, sooki, sooki, sooki, sooki, sooki, sushi!

    I think I'll rest my head now on that "pillow of down". :)

  2. You have left me wanting to know her. How she lifts a cup, moves through a doorway, how her eyelids move when tired ..introduce us?

    wonderful writing