Thursday, October 20, 2011

When I Dream in Autumn

When I dream in autumn, the wood, its glow, leaves tossed
I can dream in no other… I only dream in Robert Frost

as meadow calls me walk
to the back woods edge
and hedgehog gestures follow
to place I lay my head
where stream - now swallow murmurs
touch me, as I whisper and I weep
of the beauty
that surrounds me and the secrets that I keep
while the wind pulls me forward
to view a fielded land
gently guiding me
through this moment
others will never

No, I will not dream of heaven, or vision of seasons lost
For when autumn calls me dreaming ....I only dream in Robert Frost

copyrighted 2010

thought I needed to move into something a bit more mellow - I wrote this one last year for One Stop but never published on my blog....bkm