Tuesday, October 18, 2011

warding off evil

a clock moves in a certain direction
times over, moves again reversing nature
all while the umbrellaed monkey
sits on at my side concealing knowledge given
regarding such timetables

there will always be threats taken with heavy sighing,
always layers of a bamboo shelter
to ward off evil -

i have been warned of slow nail removal - but i cry
my fingerprints will always remain - imprinted, buried
as a bulb in winter- comforted with re-birthing,
two lips, limbs and a lightened heart - beating

come now rest your fingers on my breast, come lay your
heart upon my thighs - destiny has predetermined
our transcendence, the palm tree branches
cool our lusting for answers - i have a map inside my hands
cupped - there is no reader here

the monkey is silent, the clock's
hand tells all....

copyrighted 2011

Posted for d'Verse Open link night


  1. good night...there is some creepiness to your words...the umbrellaed monkey esp...and the pulling off onf fingernails yikes...but time will tell all...

  2. the creepiness Brian is our dance with destiny...I suppose Wheldon's death played a part in my mindset here - but we must keep believing in the future and dancing...bkm

  3. Yes, this one is dark,but it is also full of a beautiful truth....Bkm I wanted to let you know that i have a little something for you over at my blog...you do not have to follow the rules of the award..i know that these days are busy for us all....i just want you to know that i think you are amazing! :-)

  4. very dark, yet it still doesn't overshadow the honest beauty.

  5. So creamy...like dark chocolate melting in your mouth.

  6. a fascinating and beautiful creation with unexpected turns of phrase and images-- it is like dark chocolate--syrup but bittersweet! xxxj

  7. creepy, yet profound, slow nail removal coming with rebirth of bulbs--fabulous juxtapositions! I picture the old-fashioned toy monkey with the cymbals pinging, sad and strangely moving. Thank you.

  8. Dark and intensive. Every word reflected something secretive in it, like concealing something from the world. Though it gave me a chill, but loved it.

  9. 'have been warned of slow nail removal' ~
    Ooooh ~ torture ~ but then rebirth ~ renewal ~
    twists and opposites ~
    fascinating write B K
    Lib x

  10. Such an array of sensations, Barbara. This is a poem of contrasts. The slow removal of nails as opposed to the beautifully sensual stanza that follows. After reading your comment about Weldon's death, I had to go back for a reread. It amazes me how such events imprint themselves on our poetic consciousness.

  11. thank you everyone for comments given, thank you Carrie for the nice award....I appreciate every comment...my mind still asks why...becoming involved in sport of choice..can reap at the heart...the emotionally ups and downs...where my heart goes from here..will be determined - it lies somewhere on that timetable...I feel like I have lost a good friend....bkm

  12. quite fascinated in these words, the overlay of shadow evokes much depth. The hinge of our permanent surrounded by our ever change captured so well by you ~ Rose

  13. very heart warming words.
    well conveyed faith and beliefs.

  14. amazing the poem and ring of torture or even of death and what to expect after life so well done and love the fact it can be read for a double meaning

  15. I am haunted by these lines:
    "i have been warned of slow nail removal - but i cry
    my fingerprints will always remain - imprinted, buried
    as a bulb in winter- comforted with re-birthing,
    two lips, limbs and a lightened heart - beating"

  16. I love the deep sensuality of that penultimate verse, especially in the face of the dark warnings that come before. an interesting juxtaposition of images indeed. to me this captures a mood more than a moment, quite beautiful in its contrasts.

  17. I didn't really see creepy or dark here, the others seem to have seen it though... I understand the warnings of evil and darkness itself, the fingernail removal, the use of bamboo or palm leaves to ward off supernatural things.... From childhood on we are warned of dangerous people or diseases or spirits.... I don't see anything dark about the warnings... I think of the childhood songs we sang: "Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks" and " Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down." Time reverses nature, and a umbrella-ed (and I assume hand-clapping wind-up) monkey seems to have the answers. But not really. The answer is you, your life, your physicality, your uniqueness, your love, your breath, your breasts and thighs, but unfortunately you are stuck in time. And that is why the hands of the clock tell all. I didn't see anything creepy here at all, it fact it was beautiful to me. And don't look now but there is a reader in your hand. Well, I may not be reading from it but you certainly have me eating from it.....

  18. My favorite line....

    'i have a map inside my hands
    cupped - there is no reader here'

    so much depth in this poem...