Thursday, October 20, 2011

i found a dream

i found a dream
in a fountain pens leaning on the door
and life in a paper pasted
to a newly waxed wooden floor - i found

you in the window
next to a wishing well - wishing well on a stardom
as I exhaled my thoughts of such a living hell
without your touch - without a drop of your laughter
landing on the rim 

of this glass of burgandy that balances 
my act of caring between
One -  Holy Amen!
and all the diamonds
dancing on the night , and i dream too

within the spaces left
by the simple words - you scattered so neatly on the day
along with kisses to each my sighs
now given well away

as a wooden floor holds the paper, and
a window holds my hearts last flame - all within
a  fountain pen's dreaming of some lover
without an earthly
face or a binding written name

copyrighted 2011


  1. Wheww! to find such a dream, to have such a dreamer. Oh BKM.....I'd love to hear you read this. I am taken by this.

  2. smiles. nice verse bk...keep that pen dreaming and writing them out to release them to come true...

  3. Hi BK....... I think I speak for every guy out here when I say "I hope that dream was about me!" hahahaha...... very lovely, very dream-like poem..... I found these word so incredibly descriptive and wonderful: without a drop of your laughter landing on the rim
    of this glass of burgandy that balances
    my act of caring...." Truly a wonderful poem.....

  4. I like these lines:

    a fountain pen's dreaming of some lover
    without an earthly
    face or a binding written name

    Nice one ~

  5. A rollercoaster ride of emotion. The poem takes you in and holds on tight. Touched.