Monday, October 17, 2011

Honoring Hero

there is something
made of life that does not move
that does not pick up or longer
pull its weight in this
world, it is as if

we wait on this moment
of non-breathing to remember
life as Hero - though
we may never have known
or touched it close - distance makes
is all the more real the -dying

the grieving that has no
place to visit - that has no war
to remember - but there was that smile
that brief dance
with the immortal that has us
feeling the deep gut pain
that question of -   Why?

copyrighted 2011

In Honor of Dan Wheldon - the Indy Driver I took a picture of in May just before winning the Indianapolis 500 and who tragically lost his life in Las Vegas yesterday.....Rest in Peace Dan...may I see you again someday.....bkm


  1. A wonderful tribute... may his family feel some sense of peace in the days to come.

  2. what a sad day...watched the wreck again and again after hearing...i hope that his family finds peace as well...

  3. Your words honor Dan Weldon, and all does seem that they are honored only in death...and the question WHY? does cut deep....thank you for sharing this Bkm....a beautiful tribute indeed.

  4. Everyone who has talked about him today has said what a great person he was; smart, energetic, well-spoken, polite, and funny. So young. So sad.

  5. I took the top photo of him on my iPhone Friday night before the Indy 500 in May...I feel blessed to have seen him so close....what a tragedy - I have to tell myself God had Greater plans for him as an Angel....bkm

  6. This is lovely. Truly, a tragic loss.

  7. Beautiful tribute. His time was far too short. Why, indeed? Thank you.

  8. It is a beautiful tribute, but I have a son who did this too. And he is about the same age. Thank God he now flies for a living. Still.... I wished he could have been one satisfied to work CAD programmes at a desk. Then again, he wouldn't have been the lovely man he is, and always was, composed of. Hugs and tears to our precious heroes and your touching tribute to Dan Weldon and the rest.