Friday, October 14, 2011

for birthing

i have grieved for birth
i have longed for a newness
falling short of a breath, falling short of the wind

knowing only of a conception
knowing only of the beginning
knowing only of darkness,  a quickening stilled

all gather the garlands and pass
the sweet nectar, all gather the maidens
unaware of the day - there is laughter in wanting
a want for tomorrow, a chance for the
taking, now taken away...

with the kiss of the morning the moss
knows its mother, in the joy of the sunset
a fathers warm grin - as i grieve for a birthing
a beginning with ending - the wind in my face
again and again..and i know of beginnings

and i grieve for a birthing - a life worthy of living
i know of conception -

let me know of its end....

copyrighted 2011


  1. nice repitition through out...stunning last line there bk...some nice dance in your fav stanza was the one the starts with the moss finding its mother in mornings kiss...good stuff..

  2. It saddens me. I feel the grief but it has been said with such beauty.

  3. just went top ten for me. i luv it when ur poems battle for the top

  4. so strong yet gentle. Wonderful poem.

  5. Powerful, sad, as the grieving pulls us through, a glimmer of hope dashed. Fabulous.