Monday, September 12, 2011


i do not
choose to live in the
shadow of word - but i
do not paint or weave; having
to mix color with water
(or oils) requires random
clean up - and knowledge of a sun

the mind is darker
than that - mine blends between
a fog and bad eyesight - creating its own
impressionistic window grouping
of leaf and grass worn
to thinning

like a light covered
i see myself coveted by some redeemer
of art - O'Keeffe's husband
now he understood her value to advertently
lead her astray - feral can
make good borrowed

copyrighted 2011

      O'Keeffe's -Cow's Skull with Calico Roses

Posted for Magpie Tales


  1. ha. i often have to clean up after my word, so it did not save me much...the last stanza, i am still wrapping my head around honestly...

  2. That's the delight of graphic art - no clean up needed, hehe! But there's no doubt you paint and weave with your words. ♥

  3. you reached within the piece... painting a masterpiece in return, gliding itself across the canvas.

  4. Intriguing, mysterious. O'Keefe's cow skull does have the same ghostly tones.

  5. Cut to the bone? Sorry, couldn't resist. This is a poem of inner depth. I particularly relate to the line "...the mind is darker than that - mine blends between a fog and bad eyesight..." Do I read some quality of redemptive hope in that line??

    Love this!!


  6. mine blends between
    a fog and bad eyesight

    That's one way of looking at things... :)

  7. Many fine phrases in this delightful piece - strong and vivid read!

  8. Complex and mysterious. Ingenious Magpie

  9. You do have such an amazing talent to paint a greater picture with words Bkm! This is no this! :-)

  10. ...'and knowledge of a sun.' You captured the essence of his painting beautifully.

  11. Wow. Love the juxtaposition of O'Keeffe's cow skull with Wyeth's painting, and the way you weave your words around them. Such a wry, intelligent, almost wistful voice. Well done, bkm!!

  12. Gorgeous write...I really like "and the knowledge of a sun" metaphoric...

  13. a work of art worthy of Wyeth and O'Keeffe with a brilliant ending! love it! ♥ dani