Sunday, September 11, 2011

yellow reason

why do you cry
with yellow reason washing
the fading blue
from your sky?

i watch for some resurrection
dogs run through a city alley
black door lined; cold stairs where pedestaled women
fold their gardens
scrub faces without eyes

rain falls, burns a window
unwilling to open its thought
for me - i know

September - days
fall into my hands, i smear them to a wall of
Sundays holding the weeks uninstalled
held back by a washer of windows, as a parimonious patron
stands at ease with hope
of attention - and you crying

for substance
and the return of yellow
blue dies

copyrighted 2011

Photo by Mike Tighe

yellow reason by signed...bkm


  1. Wow - this is very powerful! And the photo that accompanies it suits both so well. Absolutely love the imagery of:
    "cold stairs where pedestaled women
    fold their gardens
    scrub faces without eyes"


    "burns a window
    unwilling to open its thought
    for me"

    What glorious images!

  2. I like questions in poems. First stanza is really strong to me. Beautifully written piece. <3

  3. I was drawn in from the first line - a beautiful opening stanza

  4. Beautiful and burning. Thank you.

  5. You absolutely amaze me and I have so missed your poetry. Color: Yellow and Blue...Time: September and Sunday...Mood: Black Doors and Cold Stairs.

    I am going to just say this and please take it as the high compliment it is intended to be...Your poetry has stirred me for quite some time...

    So ..."I could love you for your words."

    Thanks my friend.

  6. You never fail to amaze. What you do with yellow and blue, both such beautiful images in themselves... beautiful selection. And then you made lace by hand.

  7. Am I reaching far as to the meaning of yellow and blue by saying it reflected the yellow ribbons and blue uniforms>? Perhaps it just my state of mind after his 9/11 weekennd. Just a thought. Very well written.

  8. thanks for commenting everyone and for the yellow and poetry meaning lies in the heart of the reader i feel...the city here did play into thoughts of the fateful day...but i leave it open to interpertation...thank you...bkm

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