Friday, August 19, 2011

white rabbits

i always - wanted to write plain forward
like Collins - but never thought that way

i always - wanted to write pure vulgar
like Bukowski - but never talked that way

i always thought to be a writer
always thought maybe in time, but

i always had trouble writing straight
and staying within the lines, presented or embellished
as the purity of an art

an artist i never thought i could be, or
would be in shape or  form, drawing empty spaces
drawing attention to etchings with a voice

but, i always purchased pencils sharpened,
pens inked with blackest  black - thinking about the thoughts 
they could or would never say, compositions
illegible with an over use of dash

i always thought i could write wide open
but found it as impossible as the i (i know)

pulling a white rabbit from some
writers - magic  hat  

copyright 2011


  1. yep1 Sometimes words do pop up like a magician's bunny...♥

  2. Oh, dear - and sometime exclamation marks go awry...

  3. write you and that is good enough for me...

  4. This is one of my rfavorites of yours, Barbara. I love it. Especially "as the i i know". Love it. Love the photo too.

  5. You are yourself and that's all that matters and I love this!!!!!!

  6. BRILLIANT write from your heart and it reaches that simple and that love that piece..WOW!

  7. Oh, I get this! Marvelous write.

  8. Too-many-dashes-can-ruin-a -good-piece!!!! (Also maybe exclamation marks?)

    Is the answer to just "be oneself"? Write for me instead of for a stable of Peeps? Seems like the best writers write from their inner selves, or from their observations, or from their 'creative urges'!

    AWWWW! I wanna be a writer TOOOO, Mommy!


  9. I'm glad you never stayed between the lines. You are you, I don't want you as anyone else.

  10. To be as those we aspire to would be only half of what we can truly be when writing like ourselves.... these were magical words.

  11. Bkm your poetry is pure magic! :-)

  12. Trying to get past the "I always wanted to..." in life proves to be quite difficult in the day to day...if only we could reach our future aspirations...each moment would be abundant in itself...

  13. the first two stanza are me as well. I even talk in metaphors and similes - it's just how we are made I suppose.