Sunday, July 3, 2011

flip side

i met him
on the flip side
of a
mercury dime

he was seated at a table in the rear of the restaurant
a candlelit
table for two
in a solitaire arrangement
(i have always been drawn
to the symbolic)

he looked like
a god - asked me
to have a sit - proving
to be a gentleman

dinner? was all
he said
why not? i replied

i ordered a bagel
with cream cheese
he ordered
the fresh catch of the day

i took note
as bacharach sat
down to
the keyboard -
started playing
"a message to michael"
warwick at
her best

i began
questioning the
messenger as
to time
and date stamp on the bar tab

he reassured me
all are blind
to times passage - when there are
involved - enjoy, he said
your bagel i mean -  applying
a little cream cheese

i asked warwick
to sing
the B side, noticing both burt

and the god
had disappeared

copyrighted 2011


  1. A mercury dime...hadn't thought about those in years. Thanks for that reminder. And Burt Bacharach...takes me back to a time I dare not say.

  2. I love time travel...even if it only in my mind...thanks for the visit...bkm

  3. "Here Where There Is Love", I'll catch ya' on the flip side.

  4. smiles. this is alovely bit of verse bk...flip side of the dime and b side...oh i get you jive...smiles.

  5. Love how "flip side" threads the poem into a fascinating dramatic fabric! Beautiful!

  6. This was just a beautiful experience