Monday, July 4, 2011

its all symbolic

its symbolic
the air, the rain

you can toss it (symbol) or
be in communion with

as it

symbolic the slant in which i sign my name
symbolic the falling
of stars from
a sun, an omens run long past phases or a cosmic constellations pull

it is (i believe) symbolic --- too...
that crazed silent
stare consorted into symbolic
words - characters bled on stone palette
into beaten hide - that so slowly yielded life selfless
to a Holy, Holy kill (willed killing)

you who read - a-loud, loud, long
for what appears a super symbolic soul
to your right, your left hand
straining to
hear -  dancing in symbol, a rosed tattoo
between wrist and wrath -  you
with medal, squared, across
your chest

but if;  if
ALL symbols were placed
in a book or sacred verse,  placed within pages without referenced
numerology acting as angelic host
or guardian - would
lost humanity we be? - and who then
would see the wind in a face
that will not look
into another -  an eye to eye

symbolically checked, cheeked flush.   what of?  revealed

incapable of a lips voice - is that too,  all symbolic?

life?, creation? - death?

or green - or a distance etched black hole in drawn out
-  all this scratching and

all symbolism?  is it (at hand)

copyrighted 2011

Posted for One Shot Wednesday


  1. woo! some fabulous word play bk...i think there is symbolism in most everything...deeper meaning for those willing to look...when you hit the staza 'a-loud, loud...' it kicked into high gear...great write...

  2. A true "bkm" (signed)! SO well done. You got me to remember the days (and occasionally even 2011 days) when I had/have mental glimpses that our whole life, our Universe(s) are nothing but symbols of a great love. Hard to explain deep thoughts in a 'comment'...but you DID it--to me--grin!

    It is sheer joy to read one who creates from, that was "symbolic"?!

    (Pssst! I don't really know what I'm talking about--but there IS this constant quarrel between the left and right sides of my head.

  3. thank you Brian, and Steve..I know totally what you are talking about...being in balance with both is hard and sometimes (boring) much balance is not good for the creative right side...the left would make us all bean counters, OH MY, that would destroy the poetic and how sad would that be....blessings..bkm

  4. I'm a creative bean counter, guess my left and right are mixed up or something..haha.

    Yeah symbols can be seen everywhere if one cares to look. Great write!

  5. Well done. My brain hurts. ;-)

  6. "your left hand straining to hear" Nice. You are so creative!

  7. Another thought provoking poem that serves as an inspiration. Indeed at a time in my life when reflection aligns itself with inspection, I see your words written across a symbolic sky that I hope is real, holding synbolic clouds that seem to disappear as a vapor...I cling to the promise that "hope is the anchor of the soul"...and I give thanks for the gift you share with others. Not symbolic, it is real.

  8. Well, poets would have nothing to do without their play with symbols, except to make droll literal statements, which one can get from the omni-news on TV ... You have a full cup of knucklebones here and toss 'em like Parchisi dice, laddering a poem in the anhorites wilderness, that place where leather-skinned swamis of the word pore over and again their gospels, ever finding new depths in the same word ... I read once that the word "symbol" comes from Greek symbolon, a knucklebone torn in half, one half representing one meaning, the other half (often possessed by another) representing another face of the same meaning, as two lovers express a single variable truth. Thanks for the shake and shimmy and toss from the symbolic cup. - Brendan

  9. An excellent piece of writing that still has me thinking.. // Peter.

  10. Your style and wordplay never cease to amaze me, Barbara.. it's simply fantastic! And the subjects you choose to write on are absolutely WOW!

    this one is so true.. it got me thinking.. if everything were just a bunch of symbols (unexplained), then how indeed would we choose to go on? how would we "interpret" them?

    A really thought provoking and powerful read, my dear friend..

  11. Sometimes a wheelbarrow is just a wheelbarrow, and a kiss upon the cheek, just a touch.

  12. such a powerful poem! There are symbols everywhere. That is agreed. I love the way you played with words in this poem...great piece!