Friday, July 1, 2011

lavender fields

in lavender fields
you lay me down, in lavender fields
where you took hope to find
a sun cast along soft windswept hair
but alas, it be a moon of fullest kind
that came to meet us there in dream
of lavender and lace
as grace your eyes  
met mine in warmth
with kiss of whole embrace
as fields in breath took heart
we its lavender bed
 lost in loving
virtues time and all our secrets now as shed
to a passing - penned
as memory
 of lavender and field
where yielded love to lover
with two hearts that came to see
a moon and sun that met alone
in you, lavender
 and me

copyrighted 2011


  1. whew, bet you smelled something fierce by the, been in a lavender field and it can get a bit overwelming...dont mind a little love making under the moon and stars though, even if i got to smell strongly of lavender...smiles.

  2. Barbara! The SONG! Lavender's Blue, a few words:

    "Lavender's blue, diddle diddle
    Lavender's green,
    When I am king, diddle diddle
    You shall be queen................"


  3. I like this very much...thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh so beautiful! You are the best, when it comes to putting "love" into words. Not an easy task!

  5. Love lavender. Love this poem. Thank you.

  6. romantically beautiful
    i would love to lie down in a lavender field

  7. hmmm i can smell the lavender or is it the tender strings of love..

  8. amazing.

    welcome share your work with our poetry potluck today,

    your talent rocks.