Wednesday, June 8, 2011

rites of summer

i have become
vulnerable to summer, an Apollo
drew me into a chariot
of loving and resistance was not
natural but acceptable and fully welcomed
by Olympus

i named him as any
Anglican would, schooled in British
Roman law, as Austen held
Darcy to her Bennett, i held
this god as my own, and being

when mortal and god
admix, when flesh meets a steadfast
flame - somewhere a cold lantern
is lit warm, long into a night
as a recital of classic leaned against
a fertile coast blossoms to a
garden bathed by consort and wreathed
in birthing a love greater than all
things marked by springtime or sun alone

copyrighted 2011


  1. summer has bronzed my hide and stole my breath...its over 100 here today...i dont know if any lanterns will get lit its so hot...hehe...your mastery of words is admirable bk

  2. thanks Brian, it finally is getting warm here -we have had the coldest spring in years in Northern Cal....but we soon will be complaining about the heat...bkm

  3. Just gorgeous, bkm. And such lush imagery! And especially appropriate reading today with a sudden and completely unseasonal onslaught of what would usually be late August weather here.

  4. When I get out in the heat...i will think of your lovely poem and this Bkm!

  5. Wow your words sound as if they came from Olympus themselves. The heat still hasn't arisen here, but it will soon I fear.

  6. i much like vulnerable to summer and the greek mythology you mix into nature's ways

  7. Like an intimate journey into mythical worlds! Especially loved the words:
    a cold lantern
    is lit warm,
    Wonderful tensions here!

  8. The Good Husband and I spent some VERY hot days admiring all the wonders of Rome a couple of weeks ago. This piece carried me right back there. Not a bad placed to go,no? Lovely BKM!

  9. "and wreathed in birthing a love greater than all
    things marked by springtime or sun alone" - very very powerful!

  10. Who needs to endure the heat & humidity of summer & the bugs, when I can stay in the cool and relish your words?

    Simply marvelous!

    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Thank you all for your wonderful comments...bkm

  12. What about the Lefts of Summer? Or what's left of Spring? (Is that not rite?)

  13. Oh Bubba..I think you are rite....thanks..bkm