Thursday, June 2, 2011


as  a cattle car moves
without thought, a tree
holds onto its last branch with three leaves
life has been taken over
with words touting the undead

i am but observer, yet i too
have death awaiting; an elderly dog
stares into my eyes asking, Today?
all appears out of balance, as rope
drawn tight in front of me
i am overcome by fear

one misplaced step
a bed of rocks, or a bed of roses
i can not discern
from this height

the rhythm of the morning
is greeted by a chirping nest of fledglings
and sunlit shadows crossing
a now vacant room - having lived
and died many times over, i still find
the darkness uncomfortably

there is movement
in the kitchen - the old dog
wants to be fed
hope holds it own, the first fledgling
takes flight

copyrighted 2011


  1. This is so beautiful and moving, bkm.......the old dog, the fear of whether one will land on a bed of roses or rocks......yet the hopefulness of the morning sun and the fledglings, and the old dog waiting to eat. Life, continuing on.

  2. Yes I have an old one and her days are coming to a close...but as long as she keeps getting up and eating all is right for the day....blessing Sherry...bkm

  3. wow this went here there and everywhere in the imagery...death will find me when it is ready, until then...well...

  4. A beautiful write... stirring questions about life, death and all that is in-between. Until the time comes, we move forward and search the empty darkness for the mornings food.