Tuesday, May 31, 2011

past tense

because I lived in the moment
I could not remember my past
or you, or the facets
of my emotions - the cutting of which
at the timing I recorded
painful, full indeed with
words of the you

and that you
I placed as gem to behold
to cherish, vowing timelessness
and I suppose purpose
beyond occasion or a longing
called forever -

ever after had my heart lined up
clutching a dance card - not bearing
your signature - the choice was
to live with the present tense
and love you
or move into the future and lose
its knowing

copyrighted 2011

Posted for One Shot Wednesday

and for Magpie Tales


  1. lovely poem... tying in the moment, the past, & the future all into an amazing piece

  2. An excellent muse through time.

  3. mmm...you know, it might be best to pick a different tense at times, depending on who you are dancing with...smiles.

  4. a longing called forever" - Those are such beautiful words, perfect for this lovely waltz thought time.

  5. Only love in the present and a wonderful present love is.

  6. So powerful, and the last four lines blow me away. Wonderful, bkm!

  7. Very clever poem mixing past, present and future in lyrical and thoughtful prose. Lovely.

  8. This poem, bk...grabbed me with the most emotion. You speak of a universal issue, if we would just allow ourselves to feel this...

    Absolutely beautiful. Spoke deeply to me.

    Lady Nyo

  9. Future, past
    It is all quite vast
    As you write in the present
    Reading it was oh so pleasant
    But now it's the past
    As more will come making it not the last
    Enjoyed the read
    Here at your feed

  10. Ah, but some say the moment is all there is...

  11. This is a most interesting interpretation of the painting. I love the last four lines describing the choice - painful and poignant.

  12. Playing with concepts of time isn't easy, but you've done it well.

  13. I've read this several times as I reflect inward...a wonderful, thought filled write. Lovely response to prompt ~

  14. I loved this one. Good craft and flowing emotions.

  15. A very nice one Barbie. I do have a childhood crush (in my mind) and often get lost thinking about him and on the same lines as you have written here!

    Now I am thinking of HIM again.. sigh!
    past was bittersweet with him.. he is not in my present.. future- not known!

    Hugs xx