Monday, June 20, 2011

My sister wears boots

My sister wears boots
and kicks ass
I wear boots
and kiss it - high

We have the same father
they say
a common mother  -
they never wore boots
who knew
my sister would wear boots
or I

My sister collects
rocks and rocketships,starships
I hear
I collect husbands
and bits of paper
between my teeth - writing fed

Her boots are
polished, black shiny boots
like the coffin a widow follows close behind
mine have never
seen shine or thought they
needed it -but I still walk straight, unlaced
fine....dusted gray

My sister never crawls
or takes to abuse, not from
or un-human kind
I take what I can get
from man or sorted life forms.

copyrighted 2011

Posted for Free Verse at One Stop Poetry


  1. Don't know for sure, but it sounds like an anthem to me.

  2. You make footwear like a body part here, bkm, eyes or hands or something, these boots are so evocative of the women inside them. Fine writing, and I can tell you, the last stanza went home for me like a stiletto.

  3. This is one of my favorites of yours, ever. I LOVE this!

  4. A truly fantastic metaphor for sisters and the distinctions they share. Beautiful write ~ Rose

  5. Made me wish for a sister or that I could still wear boots for that matter. Too long in sandals and thongs, barefoot and free. Boots might have made a proper woman of me. Great poem, bkm, really GREAT! Gay

  6. haha...sorry that last line struck me...this was an enjoyable read bk...

  7. Two different personalities, but it sounds like you walk side by side on occasion. I liked this one.

  8. I do wear boots in winter...through they have zippers...but are certainly unshined....thank you all...bkm

  9. I need to drag my sister over here to read this, hold on.


  10. Barb, you just moved up several notches on my list of "must-reads". Pure fabulous!
    Like your work--AND your boots. (I believe your sister kicked me once--grin!)

  11. I have a sister just like yours and I just discovered I'm just like you - except for the fact I've never been married. =)

    Kiss you beautiful girl. <3

  12. I am MY sister's protector! lol Guess maybe I wear the boots, but my ability to cry at the drop of a hat takes from me some of my toughness! :) This is just wonderful! Love the flow of the words, it reads aloud amazingly!, and the memories invoked for me...such a wonderful and poetic journey with you always! :)

  13. haha don't collect too many husbands, that could just get confusing. Very nice write.

  14. Boots look good on you, and you wear them well. Perhaps they are a signal, a sign? Perhaps it is about how they make us feel? You are your own person, and I like that you are, uniquely your own...

  15. Grace sent me here; I love this. I love free verse & this was beautiful word art.

    My collection of husbands might rival Elizabeth Taylor's one day, but I'd never choose another sister, even if given the opportunity. She & I have worn these boots, alright.

  16. Boots and stilettos can be sisters, yes. And you know what, we need each other!

  17. Yes, the boots are a great metaphor--also love the "bits of paper/between my teeth." Never mess with a boot-clad woman, or her sister.

  18. yep them are straigt talking boots ~ says take me as I am ~ 'no polish' don't need it ~ no facade ~ but showing all life ~ authentic ~ LOVED it ~ Lib ~ Midsummer wishes ~

  19. Thank you all for your great comments on this write, I see that the women especially enjoyed the freedom in this one to kick it up ---and Steve appreciate your notch Annell you said there is something about the feel of boots on the feet that lifts the soul to a different place.... thanks again...bkm

  20. Wonderful images and powerful words. This is great work. Love it...


  21. Great images. I have three sisters and we're all very different though we all have worn boots at one time or another.