Monday, May 30, 2011

Pure Poetry

Ah Poetry.....That is what I experienced this weekend in Indianapolis....
Went to dinner Friday night downtown and there was Dan Weldon pulling up in front of the Restaurant to have his car parked....and he was nice enough to let me get a picture with my iPhone....

if that was not great enough.....

He went and Won The 100th Anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 Race ....I would call that
Divine Providence if not the purest of Poetry........

I would like to think he won it for me....but with 250,000 people there I do not think he did it for me.....probably for that blonde little boy sitting next to him.....this is the most amazing race in the world.....bkm


  1. that is so cool! what a neat was the 500 in person...after going to a NASCAR race i had a bit greater appreciation for it...

  2. Wow - that is really cool, B.K.

  3. There is nothing like this race....Nascar can not compare to open wheel even ....I have watched this race for 24 years straight live on TV...and the 25th year in can not appreciate the speed of cars watching them on TV...I have been to an Indy car race before but never to the 500...I LOVE racing...the sound of these cars...I record 1 and 1/2 hours of audio on my phone....and listen to it on the way home....I would spend the whole speed week there if I could....bkm

  4. That was neat! I'm sure he did it for you!

  5. Love that he stopped for you. Wild finish to the 500.

    Still can't get used to that high buzzing of the cars. Took awhile to get used to the sounds of NASCAR and this is a whole new level of umph!

  6. What an awesome weekend surprise! I'm inclined to think it was for the little blonde as well. But how fantastic to run into him and get the picture just before the 500!

  7. That's amazing. I bet he did it to make you proud!