Tuesday, May 24, 2011


there are roots
everywhere - clinging to life
i too have a few
deep within, buried
far from light
still - believing it is there
the surface

my skin appears here
too cold
to allow tap-rooting - the formation
of green, ice
holds it back
as it claws to pull itself however slow - up

in divine
sun soaking in acceptance to
bath me
to promise soul
of a bud, budding life
far from a moist darken middled earth
of  a personal surrender

copyrighted 2011

Posted for One Shot Wednesday


  1. amazing! "born of a personal surrender".... love that

  2. Is the secret life of plants the sacred dance within? After reading these leaves I think so. Here's to tap-rooting in the muckety-muck to hurl a surrendering blossom wide at the sun. - Brendan

  3. may that bud burst forth from deep roots, unable to be pulled out...nice bk

  4. It's true we all have roots trying to reach the light. Some we wont allow to for shame in their revelation fear of it. Brilliant poem.

  5. indeed we do have roots that can burrow deep into the soil of our lives and function as a reservoir for food and water, relatively protected underground, allowing the plant to save up energy for times when it may need it.
    Not merely this poem, Barb, but your poetry is such a source of nourishment and with nourishment comes growth. I am thankful for you, "born of a personal surrender."

  6. absolutely lovely. i could feel the roots reaching, stretching, weaving... i always thought of roots as grounding, something that keeps me standing as i push against who i am to find who i want to be. but i forget roots grow in many directions. really enjoyed.

  7. Yes, this is a beautiful piece. Image drawn from your words is amazing. I saw a piece on TV, and I think it was a fig tree, that had a tap root that reached down over two miles.

  8. how well you draw comparisons to us and the life of plants, barb. look at any tree that doesn't have a tap root and how easily it is toppled by the storm. excellent!

    Monty / bummy

  9. I love how roots can sink and crack through rocks - such a great metaphor to explore.

  10. believe, accept, surrender - my mantra expressed so perfectly here. I really like this poem, bkm.

  11. I must have read this a hundred times, its a lovely metaphor, summoning our deepest roots to the light, knowing they still have life. Wonderful piece ~ Rose

  12. I love the comparison of a life with the root, struggling in the dark, intent on reaching a lighter place one day. Tight, emotive writing.

  13. "(light) above the surface", "born of a personal surrender"... such spiritual beauty.... loved this piece.

  14. To me there is something so mystical about trees and you have expressed it, Barbara. Deep metaphor.

  15. Love the meaning you have poured into that image with your words, Barbara...

    I guess surrender is sometimes the best way to live.. giving in to the ways of life, while not really giving up!

    There was something very calm and soothing in this poem, my friend.. lovely!

  16. Wonderful piece...the evolution of one self, indeed...the need for internal re-creation, fruition. Beautifully written ~

  17. wonderfully shared... powerful, raw, yet soothing.

  18. A beautiful piece of poetry. We all have those latent roots struggling to burst through the surface to find the sun. Well done, and as always, a joy to read.