Saturday, May 7, 2011

Highland Visitation

a visitation of cloth draped about you; a pearl
to link the lady therein –
a weave of highlands revisited,
 more than a name can give –

amid water of memory cast shallow,
long shadows promise
of virtue filled –
beauty concealing a thread
unwritten ... word you
shall hold in concord -

presented by course of the highlands,
as the hound stands in
watch of a maid,
draped in weave; the cloth found worthy
of life held to binding cause -

be it the tartan revealing
my namesake; your heart entwined
that I succumb -
to its bearing, my lass,
my lady,  I bow to
the highlands in

copyrighted 2008

This is one of my favourite pieces that I wrote a few years ago....I thought it appropriate to post today as I am heading for my yearly trek to the Scottish Games in Woodland CA.  It is a wonderful event and all the tartans are beautiful... There is nothing like hearing the mass bagpipe bands playing Amazing Grace .... the dancing , and listening to the Wicked Tinkers doing the MacKenzie Charge a wonderful day of events...

This poem was also featured by Gordon Mason at Catapult to Mars last well as one of the poems read on my podcast linked on my it is off to the games.....bkm


  1. have fun today bk...where i went to college...our color was tartan and we held the games each year...always fun...and love a hear at the bags

  2. Have a wonderful time! You tale of sights and sounds make me long to tag along!

  3. A wonderful poem for a wonderful land....hope you have a lovely time Bkm! :-)

  4. And I hope that all the next generation Scots there are proud of the Scottish Nationalists here and the superb victory this week.



  5. How lovely!

    Have a wonderful time!

  6. have a great time! We'll be in Scotland this fall- cannot wait to see our friends!

  7. What a fun trip to take. And a subtle and lyrical poem. Hope you have a splendid time amongst the tartans.

  8. Beautiful, both poem and photographs. I want to walk up into those hills:)