Tuesday, May 10, 2011


i have chosen
my own ascension - prior to the a pouring
of wholeness - central
motifs are the newest in religious wear

i have focused
before on cause and affect
on existential thought
timed thin, threaded - practice never being
perfected in
my minds eye, holding straight
my worldly downfall

baptismally i drowned
dead in my own rebirthing - last rites
administered as crawl never

reconciled i reincarnated
self, solidified
to a matter of course
holding a separate sanctity of knowing
a collective parting of Ways
illuminated; leveraged in wider a spectrum
side stepped the
personalized purgatory, scripted as

copyrighted 2011

Posted for One Shot Wednesday


  1. Yes, continue to hold that "separate sanctity of knowing." Your words sparkle! So beautiful....

  2. snap...this is vicious...love it bk...esp...baptismally i drowned
    dead in my own rebirthing - last rites
    administered as crawl never

  3. Well written and thought-provoking. Thank you.

  4. Sigh... so well you apparantly already made up your mind on how this already WAS!

    Becoming aware of all these spiritual matters shows some unique wisdom.
    Bkm, you never cease to astound me


  5. some wicked word play here and thought provoking write - i also loved the baptismally drowned

  6. "sidestepped the personalized purgatory..."

    Wow...that threw me back to another situation...one of bondage, and not a spiritual striving....but a purgatory indeed.

    This poem is so many layered....your message is on top, but it spirals deep.

    Lady Nyo

  7. It's all there in the first line - I have chosen.
    Great words.

  8. "baptismally i drowned
    dead in my own rebirthing"

    once again you have laid out the words
    in the perfect way...drowning baptismally
    and dying in your rebirth...brilliant
    and heavy duty. always such a pleasure!

  9. Feels like a sublime fated journey down an incased spiral staircase B, you paint the picture so well with your words.

  10. This is an amazing journey of words Bkm....I was not content with reading it once....my heart had to read it twice...it is profound and beautiful! :-)

  11. The paradoxical, metaphorical tensions in this poem are startling and rivetting! Dynamic writing!

  12. Catechism haunts and resonates so well. I know these words; you use them well. Here's to both of us "ascending" by redemption or metaphorically, it doesn't matter. Onwards and upwards always. Exquisite write my dear, wonderful! Gay

  13. Wow, this is deep, bkm......well done.

  14. Spiraling up and out...or down and in? Not sure that is critical, but either way you framed the journey in gripping terms.

    Bravo, m'lady.

  15. Your words are sharp. They speak of an ascended spirituality indeed. Great write.

  16. Provoking, thoughtful, this spiritual ascension. Excellent!

  17. Your word choices on this ascension are strong like each purposeful tsp upward

    Nicely crafted motion on many levels

  18. side stepped the
    personalized purgatory...wish I could learn how to do that! This is an amazing portrait of personal toil. That inner battle that rages so fiercely by times. I am always so very humbled when I visit here, and realize the depth of the talent that is pooling. By the time I end my comment, I feel less than worthy, lol But this one...really hit where it hurts. Now my mind will be busy as I continue to ponder your words!

  19. It's like going down the drain, except upwards.

    Nice One Shot!

  20. I love having to read a piece again and again, because it is so full... I seem to always be doing that here. Intriguing and deep... loved the 3rd verse... beautifully worded.

  21. Profound reflections on the personalization of the religious/spiritual experience. Lots to think about in this one. You're one heck of a poetess!

  22. Poetry is scripture, isn't it, writing the myth in our own words? Lots of spiritual power here - in surrender, faith, baptism, catechism, and mystery. So right. - Brendan

  23. "reconciled I reincarnated
    Like that phrase! I read this piece several times and take something different each time I read. Very thought provoking.

    (Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciated your comments!)

  24. So many great lines here, for the interior journey--my favorite is "crawl never quickened"--but the whole piece rings with the insight that comes only with profound struggle. Fine writing, barbara.

  25. ...a separate sanctity of knowing... What is one persons helll, is another's saving grace. The older I become, the more tolerant I become and the more I question. Thoughtful poem.

  26. profound, personal write...i mean no disrespect when i say that my mind kept flashing to the movie Inception (there are these type of undertones if one cares to venture philosophically)...thought provoking, thank you ~

  27. such sadness wrapped up in religion. you have some amazing lines here, and i felt the tug of war going on

  28. I do say miss, this is cutting and raw. When one sits with their spiritual self there is a chance of the feeling of drowning in rebirth.

  29. Mastery of poetic delivery in this piece...its composition and message were brilliant. ~ Rose

  30. thank you for your comments...so many great writers out there and talent untapped...I appreciate your time and work...bkm

  31. Intense and profoundly moving. I found the imagery spoke to me directly, as when you write: "holding a separate sanctity of knowing
    a collective parting of Ways."
    A highly intelligent poem, nuanced and subtle. I loved it.

  32. Your words speak to my soul. You are much more subtle in writing of your

    self, solidified/to a matter of course/holding a separate sanctity of knowing/a collective parting of Ways/illuminated; leveraged in wider a spectrum/side stepped the/personalized purgatory, scripted as/elevating"

    I've made such blatant use of my hammer that lately I've begun to worry about being hit by lightning.