Tuesday, May 3, 2011

(neo self-made)

every artistic endeavour
i have set to flame, scorched black
the creative self is hidden
there somewhere beneath a wrap around skirt
pulled and torn or between breasts
nipples stretched coyote ugly, but

i never admired still life
or impressionistic oils heavy
(Renoir's - On the Terrace) i do not care myself
to be abstract as a Picasso Madonna - virgin
territory sits in ash pots near fields ploughed
fertile, want

a first hand creativity, a bit bizarre - Dali like
perceptive has a corner sit
on the porch - a foot long handle bar on the right
an inch on the left unbalanced act
with a crown of thorns around each thumb, a window
side viewed, cocking heads and straining eyeballs rolling
to the sound of centipedes army-ed
marching north

it resides (my neo self-made) i am sure of it
laid flat against the wall, sandwiched
behind the framework of life present
like an insect, building
its vision of infestation multiplied
and attracted to - (nonflammable)

copyrighted 2011

Posted for Magpie Tales and One Shot Wednesday


  1. this left me speechless bk...the art of writing...this for sure was a masterpiece..

  2. like an incest...wow...i think i got a little picasso in me...

  3. Ah Ms Wordsmith , you've done it again...
    I love your view of life through great Dali... with all my respect to you and him...- but I prefer the other ones... especially Degas.

  4. love how your 3 dimensional writing lined up against 2 dimensional art.


    :) Moonie

  5. this was written in an odd, beautiful way.. this is why I love your work so much.. you're a rare artist.

  6. Love the stream of conscious feel to your words, and how the artist defines herself through the weaving contemplation of works by esteemed masters. Great title as well—fitting the composition perfectly.

  7. Well, I was creeped out by the picture, now I'm creeped out by the words you've strung with it, the out-of-sync,stream of consciousness rambling of a madwoman painting a deranged self-portrait. The centipedes are giving me goose bumps.

  8. You gave us a glimpse through your kaleidoscopic lens, bkm. Intriguing!

  9. A complicated write, dispatched with your usual finesse, bkm:) Well done.

  10. I did not intent to creep anyone out especially you Hedge...wanted it to be more surreal...I was thinking of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis when I wrote it...I do not cherish centipedes either...especailly hidding behind picture frames...bkm

  11. This was like a split-second tour through the museum of the mind. Complicated, multi-dimensional images zipping along neural pathways, hopping the dendrites of experience as if they were stones in the stream. Amazing.

  12. The mastery with which you write amazes me each and every time I read one of your pieces. Splendid work.

  13. I loved the first paragraph - and the ramblings of her crazy mind in the next ones.... (the creative self hidden... so sad)

  14. Your words painted one intense vision- multi dimensional! You writing style is one helluva art Barbie.. sooooooooooo creative!

    Amazingly done!
    Hugs xox

  15. An amazing writer, I am honored to read your work! Wow!

  16. This sort of art, like the others described, flows from the soul itself..I was just swept along..nothing else like it..that's why it's true art!

  17. I read this 3 times and all I can say is, you certainly don't require a paintbrush.

  18. fasinating work barb...this is so filled with metaphor and yet i could extract a few words at a time and envision you "laid flat against the wall, sandwiched behind the framework of life present" until i could see a hundred micro poems crawling beneath the surface..."like an insect, building
    its vision of infestation multiplied
    and attracted to - (nonflammable)..."

    heavy duty and thought provoking...(nonflammable)

  19. Very playful, intense and interesting. xxxj

  20. One word for you today ~~~ amazing!

  21. wow, I love it. I have to say I thought you were talking about me with the first lines, however we don't know eachother so that would be impossible.

  22. This depicts just about everything in art's emotions to me for some strong reason....variations in so many forms...merging and splitting, from clarity to beyond the abstract....truly amazing how you've worked this through in so many layers, there is this angst of thorns and soft & smooth of historical dimensions to be considered of casting "beauty" ~ I really can't quite get over this one!!! I LOVE IT!!!! ~April

  23. I am glad to read your first comment, bkm, about this being "surreal." That is exactly the impression I was left with but I couldn't put a word to it (until I read your comment) probably because it (the writing) was so...well... surreal! :)

  24. Thank you everyone for your comments, this piece is how my mind works many days, a bit here there and everywhere - so many thoughts so little time...it was a few days of various images that gave this one birth...and somehow the Magpie prompt brought them all together....bkm

  25. You certainly haven't scorched this artistic endeavor. Abstract and eye pleasing.

  26. nonflammable art
    embodied as poemlight
    on computer screen

    Loved the bookends of

    "every artistic endeavour
    i have set to flame"



    filled with the images of insects. Very surreal and very neat. Excellent! :D

  27. It was dark with marching and bugs; really unique. The thought of before creativity flys~
    Well Done~

  28. Another amazingly layered write. Love the insect bit.
    I have an award for you at Life is Good
    Thanks for your visits and encouragement.

  29. Strong piece, Barbara my friend. I do like your interesting/unusual formatting I see often in your work (use of parenthesis in places unexpected, italics also, for example)

    Warmest Salad

  30. Dali rode in a car full of turnips at a parade.

    His moustache made me laugh, as did his eyes on occasion.

    BKM's art burns and aches, but enjoys building her a hive with tunnels deep within the earth for the mind to lose itself in.


  31. ...and another masterpiece is on display....i love this Bkm!! :-)

  32. This is why i never read others' Magpies until i've finished my own: "neoself made" is a brilliant work of art. The creative process, paintings, ants. Oh, bkm you have truly outdone yourself! Thank you.

  33. Totally, totally amazing and beautiful and full of artistic wizardry. I am in awe, truly.