Sunday, March 6, 2011

a tree grows

a tree grows in Brooklyn
 not for me, my  friend

my days have reached a number
marked nearer than near the end
yet, I have played king
too a pauper, The
Bard's Othello
recited Yorick's cold bitter end

and alas, a tree grows in Brooklyn
but not for me, my friend

this heart has
held the moment, the pause
applause, ovations that knew
not end
but now, all lighting has gone dark
the castle walls collapsed

and still a single tree does grow in Brooklyn
for someone, not me dear friend

as the sits have
long been empty, curtain
lies as worn out thread, and no
  more for me parts are offered, but in the one last
 undertaking - of
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
are Dead

copyrighted 2011


  1. wow, excellent references as well as reflections on this photo prompt.

    btw, the stylish blogger award looks stunning on the black background :) hope you have a beautiful sunday!


  2. lovely piece, Barbara. I really like your refrain lines that come back to haunt us every so often.. repetition as device is oen of my favourite and you play it well here.

    I noticed you joined our Facebook Group... I hope you'll be entering the March Creative Challenge? More details here if you didn't get the msgs/event invite -

    Warmest Salad

    Luke @ WordSalad

  3. What a wonderful response to the picture prompt. Sad and nicely done. Enjoyed it.

  4. Firstly, was great to hear you read your work via the podcast :)

    Now that I've been privy to even more info about you, I find the Tree Grows in Brooklyn reference intriguing given where you grew up and where you currently reside. As a novel, it is one of the saddest i've read and reminds me of a dear friend who grew up in Brooklyn under similar circumstances. Pairing your words with Smith's novel, and the prompt... heavy for me to read. Emotional and well written. Cheers

  5. Bravo! Standing
    ovation. I clap
    my hands and
    stamp my feet.

  6. really lovely...poor yorick i knew him well, but i am much happier to know your words...nice pick up on the tree...not many have...

  7. Nice poem and it works well with the prompt. Always enjoy reading your works.

  8. "All the world's a stage..."
    I am standing next to Andreas, clapping, clapping, clapping. Beautiful, poignant and brilliant in its word selection.

  9. Barb, I love everything about this.
    The rhythm is smooth and I love the
    book, "A tree grows in Brooklyn".


  10. Fun, serious, excellent-reference work. Classic, in many ways.

  11. Mesmerizing response to the prompt...a truly gem piece of writing.

  12. Your writing does have a very classical feel to it......beautifully done, Barbara. I loved the book so much in my early teens.........enjoyed the references throughout your poem.

  13. brilliant! great take on the One Shoot. i have a love for repetition, especially as you have done with the small changes.

  14. This is beautiful, B.K. The photo deserved a soliloquy, and you wrote it.

  15. I think, perhaps, my most favorite so far. So smooth, as though already written, edited, and rewritten. perfection found as a result. Honest, touching, felt :) If prizes were rewarded, I dare say you'd have claimed them all!

  16. as so many times, I've had to say "to one better than I" love the depth and perceptions with such rich allusions. you are good, woman :)

    Monty / bummy