Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Crave to Write...

I crave to write something longer
than words upon a page simply noting life's emotions
of dear love or violent rage
I need to take but thought further, thread it
in a needle holding all of memory, stitch it
through millennium's
set past a very long ago
connecting spaces to moments
between a times hidden pause, trace all
letters to language released by an
eternal muse - and comprehend their meaning
as bee divines a lily's breast

I must sum up all fraction or whole
(with or without) manifested worth
binding it with shade or hue of a purest light
as it seeps from a holy prism ...giving all reason for knowing
a precious offering
cried sight

I need
I must write longer
so much further than before
stitch memory into time
space into so much more
without taking breath
not sparing hearts fervant race
and I shall call this place
(My Heaven)
and lock its secret door  -

should you want or choose its entrance
or feel you need step in -- write and leave
me a letter - where I am no more

copyrighted 2011

Posted for One Shot Wednesday - at One Stop Poetry


  1. To me, this is the exact feeling I have in the deep moments just before writing a poem - all put into a beautiful poem itself.
    you've wowed me

  2. Yearning, restlessness, that's what's in my heart today, I want its entrance.

  3. Eloquent, poignant and flowing!
    What beautiful metaphors here Barbie (I hope you won't mind me calling you that)

    The expression is so raw! The last 3 lines just raised me a bit above the ground.. I almost forgot where I was reading the amazing expression of wanting to write and more..

    Hugs xxx

  4. as bee divines a lily's breast - best line I've read in a long while.

  5. Thank you Anthony...your words are always a treasure

    and Fluid and Oliva...so very much for your kindness

    Jhon..your comment was heartfelt...I am so pleased you embraced that line..

    blessings...to all..bkm

  6. There are moments -- times -- when the craving to write is overpowering. And you captured that right here. Beautiful.

  7. Absolutely, possitively amazing: That crave of yours gives the best of words into the best manifests of poetry, my dear Bkm

  8. Thank you Glynn your words and support are always taken to heart and appreciated...

    Dulce...thank you so much for words...they are as sweet as your poetry...blessing...bkm

  9. you so perfectly capture this craving to write beyond writing - to write beyond what fits on a page - to write down the emotions that seem so much beyond to what we can find words for - love this bkm

  10. ah i know this feeling well...when tis all built up inside and just needs to get out and the desire to hit it just write...or right...

  11. Absolutely ... Harold Bloom once said the freight all that's already been written hangs heavier on the brow of each generation of poets, but I say let the old games begin! We get the fresh articulation of all that, weaving every poem we have written into the wider tapestry -- changing the entire view for our brief moment. So thanks for reminding us that every poem is Poetry, is filled with all of the odd, old furniture, burning brightly in the fire of next creation. You take that earnestness to Say and make it both eternal and fleeting. Thanks. - Brendan

  12. not a choice, but a force...such truth in your words

    Peace, hp

    thank you for stopping by

  13. I love this
    the moment before the jump off
    that anxious desire

  14. Writing longer than this page we see--so hard to sew through all those thicknesses, but your needle is sharp here, and full of the past, the present and the future 'where you are no more' Your heaven even a pagan might enter gladly, I think.

  15. Barb, you have so eloquently put the need to write, so well here. The thoughts sometimes will not fit on the paper. I love this!


  16. I need
    I must write longer
    so much further than before
    stitch memory into time
    space into so much more

    and of course you have here, again.

    it is always obvious that your words are created from a deeper place where hunger dares tempt you with desire and desire burns hotly until all is consumed except the words you have weighed in the balance, then brushed away those not needed until another day and hidden within a secret locket until you bring them out again.

    you simply amaze me.

  17. Oh the passion of the heart of a poet...this is glorious Bkm....every line speaks to me and from me as well! :-)

  18. Isn't writing so freeing...my fav was, "stitch it
    through millennium's..." wow.

  19. This is wonderful! Truly-writing and emotion are linked.

  20. To stitch memory into time, thread the needle beyond memory (through milleniums!). Oh, my. Actually reaching the places of our yearnings "beyond the page" would be wonderful, wouldn't it. You have expressed those feelings so well. Thank you!

  21. craving to write something longer than just the words on a page says you'd rather live / feel the emotion than just write about it. I stand humbled at your talent, dear lady :) beautiful work here

    monty / bummy

  22. you have obviously touched the heart of many writers tonight myself included. I wish to write so as to hold onto every memory and event as if it were still occuring at times... but then I am missing what is happening in the moments I spend trying to perpetuate the past. It is a delicate balance I think that, especially us poets, need to have.

  23. You have stitched your memory in mine and I have left you letters along your trail of time. Paused between knock and not I stand at the door.

  24. To let go...to write, really write, this too is what I crave Withno thought to my life's trappings, or fear of being judged based on where my imagination may travel. Driven with passion, burning with desire..I so know this. The spark once again ignited and inspired by your piece, and now I have to somehow make it through to quitting time before I find release! Awesome write :)

  25. Loved this verse: "binding it with shade or hue of a purest light". It's like seeing 20-20 for the first time...

  26. It doesn't have to be longer to be good, and this is all kinds of good!

  27. You have such skill - you may be the Crosby of poetry.

  28. This was beautifully written, expressing the angst of a writer. I'm sure we can all relate, but only you said it so artistically.

  29. So powerful, and so eloquently written. Just beautiful.

  30. Dear BKM

    So beautiful and capture the essence of the postic moment... your words captured my thoughts...
    'stitch memory into time
    space into so much more'
    How it feels to gather your memories, your past experiences and then put them all in apt places with appropriate words... I liked it so much.
    thanks for sharing..
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  31. Affecting imagery and flow/word choices. Superb work.

  32. Your passion for writing is evident with every line. An infectious one shot!

  33. I Love this! To write is Bliss!

    ♥ ஆ εlεɳa ~.^

  34. Oh my my.. how lovely!! I think you have captured the essence of writing here... when I say "writing", I mean "writing with passion"... beautifully done, Barbara!
    "I need to take but thought further, thread it
    in a needle holding all of memory, stitch it " -- really loved these line.. the analogy to sewing is simply PERFECTION!!

  35. I love this. i think you need not worry about taking your words farther, deeper, longer, broader. You write into places I can only dream of. Yep, I'm jealous.

  36. "not sparing heart's fervent race"..... this line has such intensity...I felt it speak to me... beautiful poem. thank you for sharig.

  37. You captured exactly what most poets feel. In the moments when we realize that we have something to say, there is just so much going on in our minds. But the trick is how to say so much in a few poignant words. You delicately captured all the feelings that any writer feels at a given moment. Thank you for sharing!