Friday, March 4, 2011

a bell, in spring

there is a bell, in spring
a step, a song
a window open as warm rain drops
softly drift along

there is a kiss, in spring
lighter than a cloud
a sun danced wish of summer
spoken not to loud

there is touch, in spring
that brushes every heart
with love, a grace of spring's morning
as shoot and seed take start
with bells, of spring
choir adds its refraining hymn
of plenty and of springtimes's promise as sleepy world
awakes again

copyrighted 2011


  1. stretching as i yarn into the warm sun touch, listening for bells...smiles. lovely spring write...

  2. Love the music and the shapes of your stanzas...can almost hear the spring time bells ringing!

  3. The first stanza is magnificent Bkm...spring comes alive in your beautiful words!
    I had surgery on my knee last i was home with no internet...glad to be back. :-)

  4. Thank you all and Carrie I am so happy you are fine...and hopefully recovering well from your good to hear from you...blessings to all..bkm

  5. wow...this is great..yes i loved the rhyme..but this is really great...cheers pete

  6. So gentle, delicate and soothing...Beautiful!

  7. A bell, a kiss, a touch... too much! I am enticed!
    Here's my take on Brian's prompt, BK~

  8. you express the feelings of spring... hope, love, starting anew... with a lovely eloquence.

  9. Your words lulled me into a state often found when basking in springs warmth and beauty. Thoroughly loved the flow and feel of your words.