Saturday, February 5, 2011

woman on a chair (a study in black)

a woman on chair
 sits alone
black hat - simplest dress, black
 stacked tables, black chairs
 mind, unmoved hand
sits there
 I watch stilled towards black
a days shadow
 soft air

 traces....times movements
times mark
marked black
  I await glimpse a face
a glance - un-

a woman on chair
 alone sits
in black, reticent
 I take leave of
my stare - step away from the
black, woman

copyrighted 2011


  1. Something about this one really speaks to me, Barbara. There's a feeling of isolation, yet also a sort of weird centering in it, a realization about some part of one's self, perhaps, sitting unmoving in some black complementary stillness. Anyway, I like it very much. ;-)

  2. thank you hedgewitch...that is what I wanted to convey...I am glad you enjoyed it...bkm

  3. great use of words...i like the broken un in the next to last...alone...remote...unaware...yes i feel this one...

  4. Black IS beautiful. As I back away from black, I feel drawn ever closer, as if...You write so well Barbara. I have been catching up, and I am spellbound by your use of words which intimately
    convey a thought or Love's Manuscript, and (oboy!) My Roundness.

    OK I'll just SAY it! In the image "A Study in Black", I cannot escape my interpretation of it as a stage full of chairs and music stands just before rehearsal of a symphony orchestra. I even 'see' a couple Peeps out there warming up their instruments--or themselves! (Sorry!)

    Hope I did not offend.

  5. thank you Brian...yours words always matter ....

    Steve...No, no offending and I like your vision...I have been on stage with full a choir member...and with you a violinist yes, a stage setting works...thank you as always for you gracious comments....I am glad you enjoyed it...bkm

  6. Barbara,

    You're capturing the depressive stillness of the society loneliness seeks. Even long-duration, non-responsive public (?) suits better than 4 walls.

    Really fits well with the visual, too!


  7. Love your take Trulyfool, if one does not care for the art in ones life, then become the art...and demand your own study....thank you for your visit..your words are always appreciated...bkm

  8. I find this piece... intriguing... alluring... sweet pull of content... yet a hold of depressions grasp, then released... well done.

  9. Thank you Petrina...I am glad you were pulled into the piece and found those emotions ...thank you for your comment...blessings..bkm

  10. There is such an exquisitely rendered stillness in this piece, yet a tension between the searching eyes of the poet and the remoteness of the woman unaware. For some reason as I read and reread it, I hear the ticking of an old grandfather's clock, the only movement in this dark room of glances unshared and relinquished stares. Good stuff!

  11. I went back to look at the picture after reading the poem, the words took me right there, seeing the woman sit by the window

  12. you portrayed the painting beautifully. I just love your poems. They are one of my favourites.

  13. Classical creeping. But beautiful. I love the unshared glance. Very true. Excellent as always!

  14. Thank you Lorenzo...I am so glad you found and enjoyed the stillness in this piece...I am finding it to be one of my personal favorites maybe because it is a different direction for me...blessings..bkm

  15. thank you Autumn, Kodjo and Trisha..I as always appreciate your thoughts a wonderful commetns...bkm

  16. I like this. I can see her in there - I think she's on the deck of a ship. The Titanic, perhaps.