Friday, February 4, 2011

Love's Manuscript

I began to script
line by line..this our love affair
as set over length and time, its muted voice
but that I had heard
in subtle breath placing it to word..
love's taste

love's touch, love's wine I penned
calling it to ledge to edge
of each page
a message of love's rapture spent, with my heart held
witness, held evident....and true
in truth
as one by one
the letters came then the words
like grace of want - of lace undone, falling
so willingly from my bed...scripting til' my soul
beseeched your kiss and once lay bled...and pressing
last will and testament to fervid, silkened,
ravished sheets 
I signed it, sighing with pausing breath
-as this Love's manuscript

copyrighted 2011

painting by Joan can view all her paintings at


  1. Barbara,

    This is delicate. Particularly like the 'enjambment' which give some sense of racing impatience at the joy of it.


  2. woohoo...last will and testament...smiles. that is what love is eh? this is exquisite...

  3. I so enjoy your words. They make me think. What I like about this is the finality... Love is always so up in the air. But this, this is a deceleration. Very very nice work.

  4. This is sooooo romantic....Sigh! Your voice is like one of the classic poets - wow, Barbara, beautiful writing! And I LOVE the painting.
    Who-ee! got my fix of romance today:)

  5. Love's wonder-text with bodies and passions as moveable type, Heart here from A to Z.- Brendan

  6. love your title,
    very dynamic and fun piece.


  7. Oh dear, I feel a case of the vapors comin' on after reading this. Hubba, hubba! Great work on this piece, loved the whole tone of it all. Thanks for sharing, you still amaze me with the way you weave these words of yours!

  8. lovely barbara.. happy valentines.. here’s mine..

  9. wonderful... so vivid

  10. wow... i loved the beauty with you have expressed your feelings... strong yet tender ... brilliant.

  11. Thick and lush with romance. I too blieve I feel a case of the vapors coming on. :o)

  12. This really gave a sense of words being written as well as read--"ledged to the edge" of the paper--but nonetheless was full of sensuality and the experience of love as well as the experience of trying to express it. It's taken me awhile to appreciate how carefully you use and place words to make your points--this is a love poem of pure delight.

  13. Sensuous... and the words fit in to make it all very passionate.. I enjoyed reading it. thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  14. Very beautiful. It has a great flow and tension from beginning to end.

  15. Hello, Thanks for the love to Poetry Potluck! You Rock!

    Awards 4 Poetry Potluck Week 22, Enjoy!

    Your contribution means a world to us, Happy Thursday!
    See you next time!