Saturday, February 26, 2011

uncompleted self

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anais Nin

he forbade her naked
by any light form -insisted she bath
behind - locked doors
marrying her under (his) pretense
of prudence; modest model of
teacher, an Aunt Fay-

his upbringing
a boiled materfamilias porridge
without recovery - or seasoning salt
and a
mythical encounter with a teen virgin

her agreeable
sentiments -lead to an easy
and commitment
to long sleeve nightgowns

yet, in clock-time....

she sought exposure
on a deeper level -began
reading "House of Incest"
by Anais Nin - quoting it repeatedly
through her mind "... looked with anonymous vision
upon my uncompleted self" 

the decision came - but
to inhale independence - is not
exhaling it, so
she saved it for a moment when
guaranteed freedom
of  violation, of reprisal or unwanted discourse

left her penned words
sealed with tea and evening verse
retired to bath and book
with quote and question - "..uncompleted self?"

he retired to chair
retired to tea...eyed the note addressed..
Husband - opening, began to read

My Husband

In my faithfulness I have began
to feel a bit uncompleted as of late - and
after much thought have reached a
life changing decision - I have started
proceedings to study the
French Culinary Arts - and will
soon be adding basil, thyme and white pepper
to dinner meals - followed by
saffron and cheyenne.  This will happen
with or without your blessings

Your Dearest Wife

Inhaling - he headed
for the wine
mouthing - "I knew I shouldn't have taken her out to dinner
for our Anniversary; how will I ever
break this to Mother.?

copyrighted 2011

painting by Felice Casorati: titled Le Signorine -1912


  1. beautiful as always bkm.... the letter to her husband has made me hungry for fine foods. :)

  2. smiles. maybe he should get out from under his

  3. what a wonderful rebellion. the closing lines crack me up. great piece!

  4. Delightful! I love it! How you gon' keep her down on the farm.....?

  5. This was fun - light and serious.

  6. Wonderful! A very enjoyable read. :-)

  7. So beautiful ....that letter to husband was wonderful....

  8. In such subtle ways does personal evolution begin. Well written, character-driven piece
    And the image? I LOVE IT!

  9. Are we ever truly complete?

    Nice piece, bkm!

  10. Ho! I was hoping for a far braver note: like "I'm outta here!" but this being heavily flavored with the period she lived in, will settle for the spicy food. This is just so clever, bkm!!!!!!!! I was married to someone like him once. My departure note being a tad less diplomatic, hee hee!

  11. A wonderfully pragmatic and delightful bud opening. But under the smiles, some truths, too. I liked " inhale independence - is not
    exhaling it..." to know is not to be, automatically, indeed. I'm still smiling, though.

  12. I am sure ...she will finally get most of us do..whether female or male...budding's time is not our time...and a rose can bloom right in front of us without us ever really noticing....thank you all for your wonderful comments...bkm

  13. magnificent, bkm. Your writings take my breath away.