Thursday, February 3, 2011

My ROUNDness

My ROUNDness
comforts me and i hold myself to her
un-paled beauty..
My ROUNDness grounds me, pulling me to earth; a
mother feeds me providing solace
in my own abandonment's; it is she who never
separates self from me; My ROUNDness

serves as moon child a
birthing not vital and i feel of her movement
secured in day and  in nights.  she requires not room
set aside for subjective view
or a denials release and  i am washed
pure and whole; My

ROUNDness never repudiates, is
never selfish with
warmth, she is tenderness...
she is Virgin ....My ROUNDness...

copyrighted 2011

painting by Peter Paul Rebuens, 17th Century Dutch Painter

writing inspired by writings of Marion Woodman: author and Jungian Analysts and will be a part of my Reclaiming the Feminine Collection...bkm


  1. nice...i like ROUND...this was wondrful rolling off the tongue though...very nice...

  2. I like the way you see the world. Feminine and beautiful.

  3. thank you Brian...ROUND is good and too you

    Old Ollie...thank you much....I appreciate your words...blessings..bkm

  4. Oh my word I LOVE this. Love love love. I agree, it's feminine. I love how it's not challenging anybody. It's a statement and a beautiful one at that. J'adore <3

  5. Beautiful mastery of the use of roundness to convey the feminine 'self' essence of womanhood.

    have a lovely week end,

  6. "her un-paled beauty"....."my roundness serves as a moon child"......wonderful testament to feminine beauty! Well done!!

  7. This is a glorious ode to womanhood - and a time when a 'roundness' was the most sensual and exquisite attribute of a woman. How I wish it would come back into style ;)

  8. I came over this time from Poetry pantry, but I see I have already arrived! Perhaps I should go sit with myself...


  9. Barb, How wonderful this is. Unfortunately, now
    women want to be stick thin. I love the Renaissance paintings of sensual women.


  10. Barbara,
    I commend your wonderful words. A truly worthy observation...

    Best wishes, Eileen

  11. This is Simply put, beautiful.

    I like this very much. round is good.